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Remus 100 in Lake Rotomahana, New Zealand

In Search of Lost Treasures

A REMUS 100 from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution makes its way across Lake Rotomahana, New Zealand, in January 2011. Geologists in New Zealand enlisted the help of WHOI scientist Dan Fornari and engineers Amy Kukulya and Robin Littlefield to search for signs of the Pink and White Terraces, spectacular geothermal features that disappeared during an immense volcanic explosion in 1886. The Remus vehicle's survey of the lake revealed large remnants of the Pink Terraces and a likely location of the Whites. The steam rising from the ground along the shoreline indicates that a geothermal field still lies under the lake. Amy Kukulya will talk about the expedition in a Science Made Public presentation at 2:30 today in the WHOI Exhibit Center. (Photo by Dan Fornari Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


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