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Rich Camilli shows TETHYS to Gov. Patrick and others

High Tech in the Commonwealth

Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick (second from right) made his first visit to WHOI on Oct. 12, touring the facilities and learning about some of the instruments and vehicles that have made WHOI a leader in ocean research and exploration. Here, associate scientist Rich Camilli (far right) displays TETHYS, a mass spectrometer capable of detecting and measuring tiny amounts of specific chemicals in the water. Camilli and WHOI colleagues used TETHYS and the autonomous underwater vehicle Sentry to map the plume containing petrochemicals that traveled far below the surface from the damaged Deepwater Horizon riser pipe. Looking on are (l-r) Andy Bowen, director of the National Deep Submergence Laboratory, Rob Munier, WHOI vice president for marine facilities and operations, and William H. Swanson, CEO of the Raytheon Company. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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