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Atlantis was, for all practical purposes, high and dry in 6 to 7 feet of water.

High and Dry

OnSeptember 14, 1944, WHOI's original  research vessel Atlantis wasmoved to the dock of the National Marine Fisheries Service because ofanimpending hurricane; Captain Lambert Knight and four other crewmenstayedaboard. When the fastening lines parted during the storm, Knightmanaged to steer theship toward a place he knew to be mud-bottomed. After the storm,Atlantis restedin six to seven feet of water on Ram Island flats—in the upper reachesof Woods Hole'sGreat Harbor, near the causeway to Penzance Point—for three weeks.There was no major damage to the ship, though it did cost the Institution $17,000 to have salvage operators raise and move the ship. (Photo courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Archives)


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