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WHOI researchers and engineers pose next to float of an ice-tethered profiler they just deployed in the Beaufort Sea

A Good Day's Work

Steve Lambert, John Kemp, Rick Krishfield, and Jeff Pietro (l-r) of WHOI pause after successfully deploying an ice-tethered profiler (ITP) in an ice floe in the Beaufort Sea in August 2011. From the yellow float on top of the ice, a plastic-jacketed cable hangs down through the floe and deep into the sea below. A cylindrical instrument continuously crawls up and down the cable, taking measurements of water properties such as salinity and temperature, which it then relays to scientists on shore. This deployment was part of the Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project, a long-term, multi-institution effort to learn about the movement of fresh water through the Arctic Ocean. (Photo by Mary-Louise Timmermans)


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