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kakani katija

On the Move

WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar Kakani Katija studies the power sources that propel water movement in  oceans. Katija’s evidence in biogenic ocean mixing shows that the movements of sea creatures could have as powerful an effect on ocean currents as that of the winds and tides. “The creatures in our seas could be as important to ocean circulation and global climate as the winds and tides,” said Katija, who has identified a mechanism that would allow swimming animals to mix water when they swim. Now she plans to test that mechanism, first with multiple animals in a controlled lab environment and then in the open ocean. In recognition of her work, National Geographic has her named one of 14 National Geographic Emerging Explorers for 2011. National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers Program recognizes and supports uniquely gifted and inspiring adventurers, scientists and storytellers making a significant contribution to world knowledge through exploration while still early in their careers. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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