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Researchers sightseeing in Antarctica

Taking in the Antarctic Sights

When scientists venture into a place as remote and spectacular as the Antarctic, no one is above a little sightseeing. During a recent trip through the Weddell Sea, this group stopped to gape at passing ice bergs, some of which were bigger and taller than the ship they sailed on, the RSS James C. Ross, operated by the British Antarctic Survey. The cruise was organized by the British Antarctic Survey to study the factors that govern the size, shape, and distribution of sea ice in the far south. A group of WHOI scientists and engineers led by Hanu Singh deployed the autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) SeaBED to provided researchers on the cruise with their first detailed look at the underside of ice floes and pack ice in the Southern Ocean. (Photo by Hanumant Singh, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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