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eploying a CTD with rosette water sampler off the R/V Atlantis II.

Heavy lifting, heavy listing

Researchers aboard the R/V Atlantis II struggle to deploy a conductivity/temperature/depth (CTD) rosette over the side in rough weather during a cruise in September 1981. The cruise was the first in a series of expeditions by 25 scientists from 13 institutions to study warm-core rings, eddies of warm water that pinch off from the Gulf Stream. The $10 million oceanographic program was one of the most comprehensive and interdisciplinary for its time. From left:  Christopher Langdon, Jim Orr,  Gary Hitchcock (bent over), Dana Kester (now deceased), and two unidentified colleagues (in background and in sunglasses at right). (Photo by Peter Wiebe, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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