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long core with full head

Going deep

Muddy sediment from beneath the seafloor pokes out of one of the first long cores collected in 2007 by the then-new long corer sampling system on the research vessel Knorr. By analyzing materials in the sediments, such as the remains of planktonic foraminifera, scientists can gather evidence about past climates, currents, and creatures.

A long corer cruise led by WHOI scientist Lloyd Keigwin departed the Azores on July 10th. On their way across the Atlantic Ocean, the scientists will collect cores from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and sites on the Grand Banks southeast of Newfoundland. Along with the long corer, they will also use a multi-corer and gravity corer and do seafloor mapping and plankton towing. Follow their progress on the WHOI Expeditions blog.

(Photo by Alexander Dorsk, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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