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Seeing Into the Arizona

WHOI Alvin pilot Mike Skowronski (left) took time off from his "day job" to pilot a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, as Evan Kovacs (lower right) and Maryann Morin (right) of WHOI's Advanced Imaging & Visualization Lab (AIVL), observe the imagery streaming back to the surface in real-time. For the project, which made the first exploration of the Arizona's lower decks, AIVL supplied the underwater 3D UHDTV imaging system for the ROV, which was jointly developed by Marine Imaging Technologies, AIVL-WHOI, and the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center for the PBS special "Pearl Harbor - Into the Arizona." (Photo by Brett Seymour, NPS-SRC)


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