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COFDL Scientists

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COFDL Scientists
    Peter Traykovski
Lab Head/Associate Scientist with Tenure

Research Interests: Sediment transport on the
continental shelf and in estuaries



Jim Ledwell
Emeritus Research Scholar

Research Interests: Mixing and stirring in the ocean and their
roles in ocean circulation and in the distribution of chemical and
biological species


James B. Edson
Senior Scientist

Research Interests: Instrumentation and techniques to compute atmospheric fluxes within the marine boundary layer; systems to correct for motion contamination; modeling the influence of sea-spray on the surface layer energy budget; parameterization of fluxes; influence of waves on near surface flow; momentum and energy exchange across the coupled boundary layers; direct measurements of gas exchange; development of ocean observatories.


Steve Elgar
Senior Scientist

Research Interests: Nearshore processes, ocean waves,
nonlinear random processes

      Rocky Geyer
Senior Scientist

Research Interests: Estuary flow and mixing, wind-driven
flow, tidal effects
      Houshuo Jiang
Senior Scientist

Research Interests: Small-scale biological-physical
interactions in plankton
    Dennis McGillicuddy
Senior Scientist/Department Chair

Research Interests: Modeling of ocean circulation
and productivity
      David Ralston
Associate Scientist with Tenure

Research Interests: Fluid mechanics and scalar
transport in estuaries and the coastal ocean
      Britt Raubenheimer
Senior Scientist

Research Interests: Surf and swashzone processes,
wave runup, morphological evolution
      John Trowbridge
Senior Scientist

Research Interests: Boundary layers, sediment
transport and shelf and nearshore processes

Weifeng Gordon Zhang
Associate Scientist

Research Interests: Numerical ocean modeling, data
assimilation, model-based observing system design




Albert Williams
Scientist Emeritus

Research Interests: Ocean mixing processes; boundary layer
measurements and modeling; sediment/fluid interaction;
oceanographic instrumentation




Malcolm Scully
Associate Scientist with Tenure

Research Interests: Circulation and turbulent mixing in the coastal and estuarine environment, hypoxia in estuaries, boundary layers, Langmuir circulation



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