Das and Joughin Greenland Field Work 2007

WHOI glaciologist Sarah Das (left) and graduate student Maya Bhatia examine a crevasse in the center of a recently drained meltwater lake basin in Greenland. (Ian Joughin, UW Polar Science Center)
Viewed from a helicopter, braided streams of meltwater meander across the ice surface toward a summer lake. (Ian Joughin, UW Polar Science Center)
Meltwater rushes in a stream across the top of the Greenland Ice Sheet in July 2007. (Sarah Das, WHOI)
WHOI glaciologist Sarah Das inserts a seismometer into a borehole in the ice atop Greenland's ice sheet. Seismic instruments were deployed to monitor the cracking and breakup of the ice as it was carved by melting ice. (Ian Joughin, UW Polar Science Center)
This large fracture was found in the center of a recently drained lake basin. Large blocks of ice, likely broken off when the lake drained, are scattered across the surface and in the crack. (Sarah Das, WHOI)
Researchers captured this first sunset of summer over the Greenland Ice Sheet on July 22, 2007. A meltwater drainage channel lurks below. (Ian Joughin, UW Polar Science Center)
The 2007 ice sheet research team posed in front of a meltwater channel. From left: Maya Bhatia (WHOI), Ian Joughin (UW), Sarah Das (WHOI) and Mark Behn (WHOI). (Richard Harris, NPR)
In 2006 and 2007, researchers from WHOI and UW camped for two weeks on top of Greenland's ice sheet in order to study lakes and streams of meltwater that form each summer. (Sarah Das, WHOI)

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