Dick Von Herzen

Richard Von Herzen receives his AGU award from Dr. Seiya Uyeda in 1998. (Photo courtesy Von Herzen Family.)
Associates Day of Science in 1973 at WHOI. Dick is seated top left. (Photo courtesy WHOI Archives)
Ocean Industry Program symposium honoring K.O. Emery in 1978.  Dick is far right next to Bob Ballard. (Photo courtesy WHOI Archives)
Group on deck of the Glomar Challenger in hardhats. Pictured left to right Dick Von Herzen, Kristin Rohr, Butch Grant, Steve Gegg, Ralph Stephen and Earl Young (kneeling). (Photo courtesy WHOI Archives)
Art Maxwell (left) and Dick Von Herzen. (Photo courtesy WHOI Archives)
Dick working in the lab. (Photo courtesy WHOI Archives)
Dick inspecting a sediment core on board the Glomar Challenger. (Photo courtesy Von Herzen Family)
Jan Von Herzen, Dick Von Herzen, and Rita Colwell. (Photo by Jayne Doucette, WHOI)
Dick arriving at WHOI on the R/V Yokosuka (Photo courtesy WHOI Archives)
Dick at the helm of his sailboat. (Photo courtesy Von Herzen Family)
Dick looking at map on board the Glomar Challenger. (Photo courtesy of Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Dick onboard JAMSTEC's research vessel, Yokosuka with Masa Kinoshita (Photo courtesy Masa Kinoshita)
This photo is dated 1958.  Dick’s oceanographic research had already begun, though he clearly managed to take the afternoon off to engage in some spearfishing. (Photo courtesy Von Herzen Family)

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