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Volcanic Arcs Form by Deep Melting of Rock Mixtures

A new study published in the journal Science Advances changes our understanding of how volcanic arc lavas are formed, and may have implications for the study of earthquakes and the risks of volcanic eruption. 

WHOI Receives $1Million from Keck Foundation for First Real-Time Seafloor Earthquake Observatory at Cascadia Fault

A $1 million grant to WHOI from the W. M. Keck Foundation will fund the first seafloor geodesy observatory above the expected rupture zone of the Pacific Northwest’s Cascadia fault – an offshore, subduction zone fault capable of producing a magnitude 9 earthquake and generating a large tsunami.

Lessons from the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Topic of Public Forum

The public will have an opportunity to hear a first-hand account of the catastrophe, the lessons learned, and recent developments in disaster warning programs around the world.

Major Caribbean Earthquakes and Tsunamis a Real Risk

Major earthquakes have struck the Caribbean through history, and WHOI scientists warn this raises the possibility of a tsunami in the populous region

Tsunami Warning Buoy Deployed off Chile

Scientists from the Chilean Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Office (SHOA), in cooperation with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), deployed a SHOA tsunami warning buoy off Northern Chile in the Pacific in December 2004 just prior to the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami.

1-5 of 5 results