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New Coral Dating Technique Helps Resolve Changes in Sea Level Rise in the Past

Corals from Papua New Guinea and Barbados indicate that changes in sea level, one of the key indexes for global climate change, may have been more frequent in the past than previously thought.

Changes in Earth's Tilt Control When Glacial Cycles End

Scientists have long debated what causes glacial cycles, which have occurred most recently at intervals of about 100,000 years. A new study finds that these glacial cycles are paced by variations in the tilt of Earth’s axis, and that glaciations end when Earth's tilt is large.

Abrupt Climate Change Brought to Public Attention in Hollywood Movie

The movie The Day After Tomorrow, released today by 20th Century Fox, paints a dramatic picture of the effects of climate change - and raises questions about the boundary between science and science fiction.

Tropical Plants Help Identify Lags Between Abrupt Climate and Vegetation Shifts in Different Parts of the World

Clues to the timing and cause of abrupt climate changes in the past may lie in ocean floor sediments, according to a study by scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

61-65 of 65 results