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Ice-Covered Arctic Lakes May Harbor Signs of Climate Change

Arctic coastal environments are some of the most vulnerable to climate change. A team of WHOI researchers visited Canada’s Mackenzie River Delta in April 2007 to find out just how vulnerable.

Should We Pump Iron to Slow Climate Change?

One of the solutions offered for the global greenhouse gas problem is the fertilization of the ocean; that is, spreading iron into the open ocean to promote the growth of floating microscopic plants.

Walrus Calves Stranded by Melting Sea Ice

Scientists have reported an unprecedented number of  abandoned walrus calves in the Arctic Ocean, where melting sea ice may be forcing mothers to abandon their pups.

Warmer than a Hot Tub: Atlantic Ocean Temperatures Much Higher in the Past

Scientists have found evidence that tropical Atlantic Ocean temperatures may have once reached 107°F, about 25°F higher than ocean temperatures today and warmer than a hot tub. While these high ocean temperatures occurred millions of year ago, the new study suggests climate models underestimate future warming.

21-24 of 24 results