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February 2017
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   3:05 PM Synthetic Aperture Sonar and Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging: New Tools for Marine Archaeology12:00 PM Connections Between Aquaculture, Our Food System, and Climate 12:00 PM Permaculture, a Type of Sustainable Landscape Design
   7:30 PM Defining the Diva: From Maria Callas to Adele
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1:00 PM Module A12:15 PM There will be no MC&G Department seminar today12:00 PM Improve Your Scientific Writing12:00 PM Title to be announced1:30 PM Module C
1:30 PM Low Degree Melts and Their Significance for MORB, FOZO, and OIB12:15 PM Determination of Top Predator Presence, Behavior and Abundance Using Computer Vision and Passive Acoustics in Marine Environments
3:05 PM Currents, Fluxes, and the MOC Between Cape Farewell and Scotland1:00 PM Module B
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1:00 PM Module D: First Aid Advanced12:15 PM C Cycling in a New England Salt Marsh12:00 PM Engage with Scientific Reviewing12:00 PM Building a Tool Kit to Assess Reproductive Performance of Sea Scallop Populations 12:00 PM There are no seminars today.
1:30 PM Generation of the Oceanic Lithosphere at a Melt-Starved and Ultraslow Mid-Ocean Ridge12:15 PM There will be no AOP&E Department seminar today.2:05 PM Study of Water Exchange, Circulation and Oxygen Levels in a Small Fjord in Iceland Following the Death of 52,000 Tons of Herring
3:05 PM The Influence of Sea Ice and Hydrography on Phytoplankton Bloom Dynamics in the Chukchi Sea
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12:00 PM President's Day Holiday (Institution closed)12:00 PM There will be no MC&G Department seminar today12:15 PM Variability of the Phase and Amplitude Fronts of Sound Waves Due to Horizontal Refraction in Shallow Water12:00 PM Copepod Biogeography in a Changing Arctic Ocean7:30 PM Climate Impacts in the Circumpolar Region: An Archaeological Perspective on the Present
1:30 PM There will be no Geodynamics Seminar today
3:05 PM Sharp Transition from Internal Waves to Stratified Turbulence Observed in Seismic Reflection Images
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Week of February 19, 2017
Mon Feb 20

President's Day Holiday (Institution closed)

12:00 PM

Tue Feb 21

There will be no MC&G Department seminar today

12:00 PM

There will be no Geodynamics Seminar today

1:30 PM

Sharp Transition from Internal Waves to Stratified Turbulence Observed in Seismic Reflection Images

3:05 PM • Clark 507
Matthew Falder,University of Birmingham

Sponsor: Physical Oceanography Department

Wed Feb 22

Variability of the Phase and Amplitude Fronts of Sound Waves Due to Horizontal Refraction in Shallow Water

12:15 PM • Smith Conference Room
Boris Katznelson, University of Haifa, Israel

Sponsor: AOP&E Department

Thu Feb 23

Copepod Biogeography in a Changing Arctic Ocean

12:00 PM • Redfield Auditorium
Zhixuan Feng, WHOI

Sponsor: Biology Department

Fri Feb 24

Climate Impacts in the Circumpolar Region: An Archaeological Perspective on the Present

7:30 PM • Lillie Auditorium
William Fitzhugh, Dartmouth College

Falmouth Forum

Sponsor: MBL

Other Events and Notes of Interest


Presents the PBS video “Forgotten Genius” on Friday, February 17, at noon, in Redfield Auditorium, 45 Water St., in Woods Hole. Against all odds, African-American chemist Percy Julian became one of the great scientists of the 20th century. The grandson of Alabama slaves, Percy Julian met with every possible barrier in a deeply segregated America. He was a man of genius, devotion, and determination. As a black man he was also an outsider, fighting to make a place for himself in a profession and country divided by bigotry—a man who would eventually find freedom in the laboratory. By the time of his death, Julian had risen to the highest levels of scientific and personal achievement, overcoming countless obstacles to become a world-class scientist, a self-made millionaire, and a civil-rights pioneer. Sponsored by the Information Office. Coffee, tea, and cookies served. Donations accepted.


Presents the video “Secret Tunnel Warfare.”In WWI, allied troops tunneled under enemy lines to create the biggest explosion ever seen. Sponsored by the Information Office. Coffee, tea, and cookies served. Donations accepted.


Will be held the first Wednesday of each month at the Woods Hole Community Hall, 68 Water Street, Woods Hole. The next one will be Wednesday, March 1, from 7-10 p.m. All ages and levels are welcome; no partner necessary. Admission is $5 for adults. Children are free. For more information, call (508) 540-8950.


Is pleased to present “A Song Caravan Song and Dance Revue Celebrating Black History Month” on February 23.  The lecture will begin at 3:00 p.m., and the show and dance will be from 4:00 to 7:30p.m., at the Swope Center, 7 MBL Street, Woods Hole. This is a “Black History Month Celebration” designed for the enjoyment of all of our diverse community! Two very gifted modern jazz ensembles will be highlighted: The songwriting team of Denise 'Red' Randall, Craig Hlady, and Dave Ramsay will present a mixture of originals and favorites.  Following is a Latin jazz ensemble - Vicente Lebron and Friends - that inevitably will get the audience dancing. This special pairing of different styles will satisfy the occasion’s requirements to invigorate our multiethnic community. The imaginative power of storytelling inherent in original and favorite lyrical songs coupled with instrumental music powerful enough to make you dance is a sure promise of an unforgettable sunset celebration. All are welcome to attend.


The library is offering a six-week session of ukulele classes for beginning and intermediate level students on Mondays at 5:30 p.m.. The classes started February 6 and will run every Monday (except the holiday on February 20) through March 20. Tom Goux will be the instructor, teaching each hour-long class in his own entertaining and encouraging fashion.  For details or to reserve a spot, call the library at (508) 548-8961. Pre-registration is required. Every Saturday through the winter, a session of knitting will start at 2:00 p.m., followed by a film at 3:00 p.m. Volunteer knitters will be available to help and instruct. The library announces the beginning of their series of “Winter Craft Workshops.” All are taught by skilled volunteers from the community. Most events will be offered on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m., and all will require very little money, in most cases only the cost of supplies. Most will be limited to 12 participants to insure that all get proper individual attention. The next workshop will be a nautical workshop with instruction in “splicing” on February 23.  Reservations may be made with a phone call to the library. On February 25 at 7:30 p.m., the library presents a “Musical Evening with Notescape.” The popular a cappella men’s group featuring the talents of five local singers with a passion for the artfully arranged, carefully crafted American songbook will present an entertaining evening of music. “Whether you’re among the Greatest Generation, a Baby Boomer or a Millennial, if you want Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Mills Brothers, Elvis Presley, Doo-Wop, BB King, Beatles, Beach Boys, or the Manhattan Transfer, we sing it,” says Notescape director and basso Tom Goux, a Smithsonian/Folkways recording artist. His fellow singers are local physicians Doug Mann and Peter Hopewood, retired Falmouth school superintendent Peter Clark, and scientist Joe Hackler. Their repertoire includes favorites of the early jazz era, swing classics from the 1930s and ’40s, and close-harmony settings of pop hits from mid-century through to the present. Tickets are $20 and are available at the library during normal hours of operation, at Eight Cousins, at the Bank of Woods Hole, on-line, and at the door. For more information on any of these events, call the library at (508) 548-8961 or visit


Is closed for the season and will re-open in mid-April.  WHOI merchandise is available year-round by visiting our online store at