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Geochemistry & Geophysics Seminars

2014 Schedule

11:00-12:00 a.m. seminar
Clark South 237 (unless otherwise noted)

Inquiries for 2013 Series can be made to Mark Behn, Jeff McGuire, and Glenn Gaetani

Date Location Title and Speaker
January 14, 2014 Clark 237 Electromagnetic Studies of Subduction Zones (Cascadia and Nicaraqua)
Rob Evans - WHOI, G&G
January 21, 2014 Clark 237
The Evolutions of Supercontinent, Mantle Structure, Surface and Core-mantle Boundary Heat Fluxes, and Surface Vertical Motions since the Early Paleozoic.
Nan Zhang (WHOI new post-doc)
January 28, 2014 Clark 237 Olivine-hosted Melt Inclusions: What they can tell you and what they can't.
Glenn Gaetani, WHOI
February 4, 2013 Clark 237

Unexpected Modes of Detachment Faulting at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge 15.5N
Debbie Smith, WHOI

Unexpected Magnetics Too!
Hans Shouten, WHOI

February 11, 2014 Clark 237 No Seminar
February 18, 2014 Clark 237 Cancelled
February 25, 2014 Clark 237 A Diversity of Hydrothermal Systems on the Ultra-Slow Mid-Cayman Rise.
Chris German, WHOI
March 4, 2014 Clark 237 Constraints on Mantle Sulfur Contents from Trace Elements in MORB.
Sune Nielsen, WHOI
March 11, 2014 Clark 237 Modeling the Effects of 3-D Slab Geometry on Subduction Zone Thermal Structure: NE Japan
Ikuko Wada (former WHOI post-doc)
March 18, 2014 Clark 237

What seismology can and can't tell us about the composition of the continental crust, and in turn how this information informs models for crustal evolution.
Mark Behn, WHOI

March 25, 2014 Clark 237

The Boron Isotopic Composition of MORB and Mantle
Horst Marshall, WHOI

April 1, 2014 Clark 237 Mid-Ocean Ridge Magmatism Revealed through Analyses of Olvine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Dorsey Wanless, WHOI
April 8, 2014 Clark 237 Tracking Water in a Dry Mantle
Veronique Le Roux, WHOI
April 15, 2014 Clark 237 Crustal Structure and Mechanisms of Topographic Support on Mars
Min Ding, WHOI
April 22, 2014 Clark 237 Thin Crust Over the Marion Rise - Remelting Sub-Gondwana Mantle
Henry Dick, WHOI
April 29, 2014 Clark 237 No Seminar
May 6, 2014 Clark 237 Dynamics and Poroelastic Behavior of the Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Field
Thibaut Barreye, WHOI
May 13, 2014 Clark 237 A Network Inversion Filter for Rapid Supraglacial Lake Drainage Events on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Laura Stevens, WHOI
May 20, 2014 Clark 237 Using sonobuoy data to infer the extent and impact of Cretaceous magmatism on Jurassic oceanic lithosphere in the western Pacific
Helen Feng, WHOI
May 27, 2014 Clark 237
Understanding fault strength distributions in the Mendocino fault zone using the Cascadia Initiative dataset
Xiaowei Chen, WHOI
June 3, 2014 Clark 237 Melt infiltration in a continental rift system: an example from the western-most Balkan peridotites
Uli Faul, MIT
June 10, 2014 Clark 237 Flexural and Surficial Controls on Normal Fault Growth: How I became a Geomorphologist
Arthur Olive, WHOI
June 17, 2014 Clark 237 The Anatomy of a Fountaining Geyser: New Results from Geophysical and Statistical Studies in Yellowstone National Park
Rob Sohn, WHOI
June 24, 2014 Clark 237 COOKING ROCKS! Experimental Constraints on Incipient Serpentinization of Lherzolite
Frieder Klein, WHOI
July 1, 2014

Clark 237 Relamination not Delamination: Continental Crust Forms via Underplating of Subducted, Buoyant Arc Lavas and Plutons.
Peter Kelemen
July 8, 2014 Clark 237 Plume Generation Zones at the Core Mantle Boundary: What they tell about how the Earth works--and how it has worked.
Kevin Burke
July 15, 2014 Clark 237 Upper-Mantle Seismic Anisotrophy and Hydration at the Middle America Trench.
Nathan Miller, USGS
July 22, 2014 Clark 237 Bimodal Distribution of Gabbroic Cumulates at the 16°45' OCC: A Product of Low Melt Supply at the MAR?
Henry Dick, WHOI
July 29, 2014 Clark 237 It Takes Two to Tango: The Origin of the Super-fast India-Eurasia Convergence Rates.
Oliver Jagoutz, MIT
August 5, 2014 Clark 237 Using Ocean Bottom Seismometers to Study Long-Range Ocean Acoustics.
Ralph Stephen, WHOI
August 11, 2014
Clark 237 Crustal Viscosity Structure Estimated from Multi-Phase Mixing Theory.
Billy Shinevar (SSF working with M.Behn & G.Hirth)
 August 19, 2014  Clark 237 North Atlantic Margin Evolution Controlled by the Iceland Mantle Plume.
Ross Parnell-Turner, Cambridge
August 26, 2014 Clark 237 No Seminar
September 2, 2014 Clark 237 No Seminar
September 9, 2014 Clark 237

The Continental Drift Convection Cell
Jack Whitehead

September 16, 2014 Clark 237 Statistical Approaches to Understanding Landslide Generation and Canyon Formation
Uri ten Brink, WHOI
September 23, 2014 Clark 237 Tales of Two Plutons Revealed by a New REE-in-Plagioclase-Clinopyroxene Thermometer
Chen Sun
September 30, 2014 Clark 237 Discussion on the differences in seafloor volcanic eruptions as a function of spreading enfironment by:
Adam Soule, WHOI
October 7, 2014 Clark 237 Stress Interaction Between Tectonic and Earthquakes
Kevin Chao, MIT
October 14, 2014 Clark 237 No Seminar
October 21, 2014 Clark 237 Post-seismic Displacement and Stress Change After the 1960 Chile Earthquake
Min Ding, WHOI
October 28, 2014 Clark 237 Fore-arc/Arc Lengthening at Triple Junctions and The Formation of Ophilolites and their Soles
John Casey
November 4, 2014 Clark 237 Closure Temperature in Cooling Bi-Mineralic Systems
Lijing Yao, Brown University
November 11, 2014 Clark 237 TBD
Chenguang Sun
November 18, 2014 Clark 237 TBD
Adam Sarafian
November 25, 2014 Clark 237 TBD
Nan Zhang
December 2, 2014 Clark 237 Core Complexes and Variations in Magma Chemistry and Production from 12-15°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
John Casey
December 9, 2014 Clark 237 TBD
Emily Tursack
December 16, 2014 Clark 237

AGU Week
No Seminar

 December 23, 2014 Clark 237 TBD
December 30, 2014 Clark 237 TBD

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