Geochemistry & Geophysics Seminars


2016 Schedule

11:00-12:00 a.m. seminar
Clark South 237 (unless otherwise noted)

Inquiries for 2016 Series can be made to Mark Behn, Jeff McGuire, and Glenn Gaetani

DateLocationTitle and Speaker
January 12, 2016 Clark 237  no seminar
January 19, 2016 Clark 237 Observations of Transient Mantle Convection using Seismic Reflection Imaging.
Ross Parnell-Turner, WHOI
January 26, 2016 Clark 237
Everything you always wanted to know about abyssal hills (but afraid to ask).
Jean-Arthur Olive, WHOI
February 2, 2016 Clark 237 How did Earth Get It's Water
Adam Safafian, WHOI/MIT JPS
February 9, 2016 Clark 237 no seminar
February 16, 2016 Clark 237 TBA
Samer Naif, LDEO
February 25, 2016 Clark 237 no seminar
March 1, 2016 Clark 237 Ferric Iron, Potential Temperature, and Oxygen Fugacity of the Oceanic Upper Mantle
Glenn Gaetani, WHOI
March 8, 2016 Clark 237 Geophysical and Geochemical Constraints on Mantle Temperature and Composition Beneath the Oceans
Colleen Dalton, Brown University
March 15, 2016 Clark 237 Shear Wavespeeds in Continental Slope Sediments from Short-period Ambient Noise
Nathan Millar, USGS
March 22, 2016 Clark 237 The Influence of Ice on Arc Volcanism: Insights from the Southern Andes
Stefan Lachowycz, Oxford, UK
March 30, 2016 - Wednesday, Special Clark 237 Internal Ocean-Atmosphere Variability, the Tropical Pacific, and Megadroughts over the American West
Sloan Coats, University of Colorado
April 5, 2016 Clark 237 A Look at Seismicity and Ground Motion of the Northeast Atlantic Margin Using OBS
Claudia Flores, USGS
April 12, 2016 Clark 237 Controls on Subducted Slab Dynamics in the Early Earth
Ben Klein, MIT
April 19, 2016 Clark 237 no seminar
April 26, 2016 Clark 237 Hydrothermal Fluid FLow Dynamics and Fluxes through Young Oceanic Crust
Thibaut Barreyre
May 3, 2016 Clark 237 no seminar
May 10, 2016 Clark 237 The Crucial Role of the Sahara Greening in Suppressing ENSO Variability During the Mid-Holocene
Francesco Pausata, Stockholm University
May 12, 2016 - Thursday, Special Clark 237 The Use of Micropaleontology to Investigate Methane Emissions in the Arctic: Past and Present
Giuliana Panieri, University of Tromso-CAGE, Norway
May 17, 2016 Clark 237 Exploration of the Galapagos Platform: Implications for Sea-level Change, Biodiversity, Tsunami, Preparedness, and Ocean Conservation (oh yeah, and volcanism)
Adam Soule, WHOI
May 19, 2016 - Thursday, Special Carriage House Freshwater Forcing and Abrupt Climate Change: Insights from High-Resolution Ocean Models
Alan Condron, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
May 24, 2016 Clark 237 Dehydration-Induced Porosity Waves and Episodic Tremor and Slip in Subduction Zones
Rob Skarbek, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
May 31, 2016 Clark 237 Seismic Tremor and Three-Dimensional Magma Wagging
Yang Liao, Yale University
June 7, 2016 Clark 237 Rising Melange Diapirs in Subduction Zones
Emmanuel Codillo, Earth Sciences at the National Insitute of Geological Sciences (Philippines)
June 14, 2016 Clark 237 No Seminar
June 21, 2016 Clark 237 Earthquake Triggering and Synchronization on Oceanic Transform Faults
Matt Wei, University of Rhode Island
June 28, 2016 Clark 237 No Seminar
July 5, 2016

Clark 237 Diffusion in Olivine: The Australian Perspective
Michael Jollands, Universite de Lausanne
July 12, 2016 Clark 237 Geochemical Evidence for Melange Melting in Global Arcs
Sune Nielsen, WHOI
July 19, 2016 Clark 237 Porosity-based Pressure and Stress Prediction in Critical State Wedges with Application to the Nankai Accretionary Prism
Peter Flemmings, Univ. of Texas
July 26, 2016 Clark 237 Low-Latitude Arc-Continent Collision as a Driver for Global Cooling
Oli Jagoutz, MIT
August 2, 2016 Clark 237 Tales of Boron from the Mantle to Seawater to Space"
Horst Marschall, WHOI
August 9, 2016 Clark 237 Seismic Structure and Anisotropy on the New Zealand Plate Boundary Zone
Martha Savage, Victoria Univ. of Wellington
August 16, 2016 Clark 237 SloMo Leg 1, the 1st Results while Heading to Moo: The Lateral Variability of Slow Spread Lower Ocean Crust.
Henry Dick, WHOI
 August 23, 2016  Clark 237 Investigation of Tidal Variations of Temperature and Chlorinity at the Grotto Mound, Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge.
Guangyu Xu, WHOI
August 30, 2016 Clark 237 No Seminar
September 6, 2016 Clark 237 No Seminar
September 13, 2016 Clark 237 Constraining the Present-Day Planform of Dynamic Topography
Mark Hoggard, Cambridge University
September 20, 2016 Clark 237 Earthquake T-phase and the Ocean Acoustic Palimpest
Ralph Stephen, WHOI
September 27, 2016 Clark 237 Halogens in the Mantle: A Study of Fluorine and Chlorine Nominally Anhydrous Minerals
Ben Urann, WHOI
October 4, 2016 Clark 237 Degassing and Vesiculation during the 2011 eruption of Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge
Meghan Jones, MIT/WHOI
October 11, 2016 Clark 237 A Multidisciplinary Hunt for the Products of Pumice Rafts: Satellite Imagery, Ocean Current Modelling, Wave Tank Experiments, Deep-sea Coring and Onland Sampling
Martin Jutzeler
October 18, 2016 Clark 237 Mechanics of Oceanic Detachment Faulting Revealed by Local Seismicity at 13°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Ross Parnell-Turner, WHOI
October 25, 2016 Clark 237 Two Parts:
1. Earthquakes as a thumper
2. Preliminary analysis of Queen Charlotte Fault
Uri ten Brink, WHOI
November 1, 2016 Clark 237 Meltwater Percolation and Refreezing in Compacting Snow
Colin Meyer, Harvard University
November 8, 2016 Clark 237 Slip and "Afterslip" of Two Earthquakes Near Mendocino Triple Junction.
Jianhua Gong, MIT/WHOI
November 15, 2016 Clark 237 No Seminar
November 22, 2016 Clark 237 Principles of Micro-Tomography - Geology Going 3-D
Veronique Le Roux
November 29, 2016 Clark 237 Seismic Coupling at Divergent Plate Boundaries from Rate-and-State Friction
Hannah Mark, MIT/WHOI
December 6, 2016 Clark 237 TBD
Billy Shinevar
December 13, 2016 Clark 237 No Seminar - Fall AGU
December 20, 2016 Clark 237
December 27, 2016 Clark 237