Research Areas


Geochemistry & Petrology

Department members are currently investigation a wide range of problems including sediment biogeochemistry, submarine hydrothermal systems and the origin of mineral deposits on the seafloor, melt generation and flow in the earth

Paleoceanography & Climate

The thirty-plus members of the Paleoceanography Group at WHOI use natural archives - sediment cores, corals, glacial ice - and state-of-the-art analytical tools to understand climate-linked changes in the circulation, biology, and chemistry of the oceans.

Geophysics & Tectonics

The G&G department has a large group studying problems in marine geophysics and tectonics including oceanic crustal structure, mid-ocean ridge processes, continental rifting, oceanic subduction and upper mantle dynamics.

Coastal Processes

The study of the coastal and nearshore environment can help us answer important questions related to natural hazards, ecosystem dynamics, sediment transport, climate variability, ancient cultures, and coastal environmental issues such as groundwater management and pollution.