Coastal Ocean Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (COFDL) Talks

Friday 12:15 pm
Bigelow 114 Conference Room
(unless otherwise noted)

The following schedule is tentative. If you would like to schedule a COFDL talk or have a question, please contact COFDL coordinator John Trowbridge.

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Talk Schedule

6/23/17 Melissa Moulton Applied Physics Lab, UW Remote sensing of rip currents
6/30/17 Tarandeep Kalra USGS TBA
7/07/17 No COFDL - 4th of July week
7/14/17 David Hurther CNRS TBA
7/21/17 Julien Chauchat Grenoble TBA
7/28/17 Zafer Defne USGS TBA
8/04/17 Ken Brink WHOI Rectified flow over a stratified shelf
8/11/17 Laura Stevens WHOI TBA
8/18/17 Steve Lentz WHOI
8/25/17 Andone Lavery WHOI TBA

Last updated: June 16, 2017