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Image : Fresh water content (FWC) seasonal transformations

Figure 1. Mean annual seasonal cycles (red thick lines) of (a, b) liquid and (c, d) solid FWC component anomalies (m) and (e, f) anomalies of FWC due to Ekman pumping (red) at mooring A (Figures 1a, 1c, and 1e) and mooring B (Figures 1b, 1d, and 1f). Thin colored lines show seasonal changes for particular years (2003, deep blue; 2004–2005, light blue; 2005–2006, light green; 2007, dark green). Dotted and thick blue lines show anomalies of monthly air temperature (°C) and sum of degree days (°C) averaged for 2003–2007 over the BGR (Figures 1c and 1d). Note that the air temperature and sum of degree days are scaled with a factor of 0.025 to be compared with FWC values. In Figures 1e and 1f, blue dotted and solid lines depict seasonal anomalies of wind stress curl and sums of wind stress curl (similar to sums of degree days) averaged over a 300 x300 km box centered at each mooring site.


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