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2011 Coulomb 3.3 Short Course at Peking University

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库仑软件在地震、火山研究、教学中的广泛应用(Application of Coulomb 3.2 in earthquake and volcano research and teaching)

库仑程序(Coulomb 3.2)为广泛用于地震、火山研究、教学的免费软件,可用于计算常见的由地震、火山引起的三维(3D)的地形变、静应力变化及地震触发等问题。该软件容易学习,彩色图像丰富,其计算结果可直接用于发表文章。计算结果也可在Google Earth上显示。除用在研究外,该软件也可用于地球科学教学,用来展示由地震、火山引起的应力、应变、地形变矢量、与GPS测量比较、三维网格变化等基本概念。库仑软件可用在Mac,PC,或Linux计算机上。你的计算机上需要7.4或更新版的软件。世界各国已有1,600多注册的科学家和学生在使用库仑软件,未注册的使用者更多。库仑软件和《库仑程序使用手册》可在如下网页免费下载:

We believe that one learns best when one can see the most and can explore alternatives quickly.  So the principal feature of Coulomb is ease of input, rapid interactive modification, and intuitive visualization of the results.  Coulomb calculates displacements, strains, and stresses caused by fault slip, magmatic intrusion or dike expansion.  Typical uses are how an earthquake promotes or inhibits failure on nearby faults, or how fault slip or dike expansion will compress nearby magma chamber. Geological deformation associate with strike-slip, normal, and thrust faults or fault-bend folds is also a useful application.  Calculations are made in an elastic halfspace with uniform isotropic elastic properties following Okada (1992).  The internal graphics are intended for publication, and can be imported into illustration or animation programs for enhancements. There are over 1,600 registered Coulomb users world wide. Coulomb runs on Mac's, PC's ad Linux boses.  It is a MATLAB application, so you will need to install MATLAB 7.4 or later. The Coulomb 3.2 program, user guide, and tutorial files are freely available from

Last updated: June 23, 2011

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