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Journal of Experimental Biology cover article on the hearing of wild white-beaked dolphins

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Journal of Experimental Biology cover article on the hearing of polar bears

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Aquatic Mammals cover of a special issue on the application and techniques of auditory evoked potential hearing measurements

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A review on cetacean hearing

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Vessel noise on coastal coral reefs

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Soundscape manipulation enhances larval recruitment

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Hearing pathways in Risso's dolphins

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Billfish satellite behavior

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Aminoglyc damage and imaging statocyst

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porpoise hearing pathways

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Porpoise temporal processing

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Squid hearing

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Long duration squid sedation

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TTS and sonar

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Predicting TTS onset (SPL vs duration)

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False killer echolocation near acoustic deterrents (depredation/bycatch reduction)

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Odontocete comparative temporal resolution (white-beaked dolphin focus)

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Beluga directional hearing

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White-beaked dolphin hearing

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EARs (passive acoustic monitoring)

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AEP review

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Net TS and stiffness (bycatch)

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Polar bear hearing

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Portable AEP system

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Risso's temporal resolution

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Risso's dolphin hearing (AEPs)

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Net target strenths (bycatch)


Directly below is a list of recent publications by Aran Mooney.  Below and to the right are the associated pdf files in the "Related Files" section.  For these pdfs you may also contact Aran at amooney'at'



Zakroff, C, Mooney, TA, Wirth, C. Ocean Acidification Responses in Paralarval Squid Swimming Behavior Using a Novel 3D Tracking System. In Press. Hydrobiologia. doi. 10.1007/s10750-017-3342-9.

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Lillis, A, Mooney, TA. Loudly heard, little seen, and rarely understood: Spatiotemporal variation and environmental drivers of snapping shrimp sound production.  Proceedings of Meetings in Acoustics. 27. 4th International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life, Dublin, Ireland 10-16 July, 2016. 4ENAL. 27(1): 010017. doi: 10.1121/2.0000270.

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2009 and older---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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* indicates undergrad at the time of the efforts; **indicates grad student; #indicates post doc

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