Physical Oceanography Research Publications


Recent Publications

Appen, Wilken-Jon von, Pickart, Robert S., Brink, Kenneth H., Haine, Thomas W. N., Water column structure and statistics of denmark strait overflow water cyclones, Deep-Sea Research Part I-Oceanographic Research Papers (2014)

Bourgault, D., Morsilli, M., Richards, C., Neumeier, U., Kelley, D. E., Sediment resuspension and nepheloid layers induced by long internal solitary waves shoaling orthogonally on uniform slopes, Continental Shelf Research (2014)

Hwang, Jeomshik, Kim, Minkyoung, Park, JongJin, Manganini, Steven J., Montlucon, Daniel B., more..., Alkenones as tracers of surface ocean temperature and biological pump processes on the Northwest Atlantic margin, Deep-Sea Research Part I-Oceanographic Research Papers (2014)

Churchill, J. H., Lentz, S. J., Farrar, J. T., Abualnaja, Y., Properties of Red Sea Coastal Currents, Continental Shelf Research (2014)

Mahadevan, A., Ocean science: eddy effects on biogeochemistry, Nature (2014)