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Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Research Publications

Recent Publications

Sims, Kenneth W. W., Pichat, Sylvain, Reagan, Mark K., Kyle, Philip R., Dulaiova, Henrietta, more..., On the Time Scales of Magma Genesis, Melt Evolution, Crystal Growth Rates and Magma Degassing in the Erebus Volcano Magmatic System Using the 238U, 235U and 232Th Decay Series, Journal of Petrology (2013)

Martin, Patrick, Van Mooy, Benjamin A. S., Fluorometric Quantification of Polyphosphate in Environmental Plankton Samples: Extraction Protocols, Matrix Effects, and Nucleic Acid Interference, Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2013)

Longworth, Brett E., Robinson, Laura F., Roberts, Mark L., Beaupre, Steven R., Burke, Andrea, more..., Carbonate as sputter target material for rapid C-14 AMS, Nuclear Instruments Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (2013)

Doney, Scott C., Sailley, Sevrine F., When an ecological regime shift is really just stochastic noise, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2013)

Povinec, P. P., Burnett, W. C., Beck A, Bokuniewicz, H., Charette, M., more..., Isotopic geophysical and biogeochemical investigation of submarine groundwater discharge IAEA UNESCO intercomparison exercise at Mauritius Island, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (2012)