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Chen, Zhi-qiang, Zhou, Huai-yang, Liu, Yang, Yang, Qun-hui, Li, Ji-wei, more..., Influence of igneous processes and serpentinization on geochemistry of the Logatchev Massif harzburgites (14 degrees 45' N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge), and comparison with global abyssal peridotites, International Geology Review (2013)

Sanfilippo, Alessio, Dick, Henry J. B., Ohara, Yasuhiko, Melt–Rock Reaction in the Mantle: Mantle Troctolites from the Parece Vela Ancient Back-Arc Spreading Center, Journal of Petrology (2013)

Sims, Kenneth W. W., Pichat, Sylvain, Reagan, Mark K., Kyle, Philip R., Dulaiova, Henrietta, more..., On the Time Scales of Magma Genesis, Melt Evolution, Crystal Growth Rates and Magma Degassing in the Erebus Volcano Magmatic System Using the 238U, 235U and 232Th Decay Series, Journal of Petrology (2013)

Tierney, J. E., Smerdon, J. E., Anchukaitis, K. J., Seager, R., Multidecadal variability in East African hydroclimate controlled by the Indian Ocean, Nature (2013)

Dasgupta, Rajdeep, Chi, Han, Shimizu, Nobumichi, Buono, Antonio S., Walker, David, Carbon solution and partitioning between metallic and silicate melts in a shallow magma ocean: Implications for the origin and distribution of terrestrial carbon, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2013)