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Caswell, Hal, Sensitivity analysis of discrete Markov chains via matrix calculus, Linear Algebra and its Applications (2013)

Tornabene, Luke, Ahmadia, Gabby N., Berumen, Michael L., Smith, Dave J., Jompa, Jamaluddin, more..., Evolution of microhabitat association and morphology in a diverse group of cryptobenthic coral reef fishes (Teleostei: Gobiidae: Eviota), Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (2013)

Skjoldal, Hein Rune, Wiebe, Peter H., Postel, Lutz, Knutsen, Tor, Kaartvedt, Stein, more..., Intercomparison of zooplankton (net) sampling systems: results from the ICES/GLOBEC sea-going workshop, Progress in Oceanography (2013)

Ji, Rubao, Stegert, Christoph, Davis, Cabell S., Sensitivity of copepod populations to bottom-up and top-down forcing: a modeling study in the Gulf of Maine region, Journal of Plankton Research (2013)

Nelson, David R., Goldstone, Jared V., Stegeman, John J., The cytochrome P450 genesis locus: the origin and evolution of animal cytochrome P450s, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences (2013)