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Engelstad, Anita, Janssen, T. T., Herbers, T. H. C., van Vledder, Gerbrant, Elgar, Steve, more..., Wave evolution across the Louisiana shelf, Continental Shelf Research (2013)

Kiorboe, Thomas, Jiang, Houshuo, To eat and not be eaten: optimal foraging behaviour in suspension feeding copepods, Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2013)

Lin, Y. T., McMahon, K. G., Lynch, J. F., Siegmann, W. L., Horizontal ducting of sound by curved nonlinear internal gravity waves in the continental shelf areas, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (2013)

Collins, James R., Raymond, Peter A., Bohlen, W. Frank, Howard-Strobel, Mary M., Estimates of New and Total Productivity in Central Long Island Sound from In Situ Measurements of Nitrate and Dissolved Oxygen, Estuaries and Coasts (2013)

LIN, YING-TSONG, DUDA, TIMOTHY F., NEWHALL, ARTHUR E., Three-Dimensional Sound Propagation Models using the Parabolic-Equation Approximation and the Split-Step Fourier Method, Journal of Computational Acoustics (2013)