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Committee Members

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Current Members
Name Department Telephone Email Years of Service
Dan Lizarralde
G&G x2942 2011-present
Annette Govindarajan
Biology x3308 2015-present
Janet Fields APO x2950 2010-present
James Kinsey AOPE x3470 2013-present
Joel Llopiz Biology x3845 2012-present
Hanny Rivera Bio/JP Student rep. x3857 2014-present
Heidi Sosik Biology/co-chair 2004-2009 x2311 2004-present
Holly Moeller Postdoc Rep x3819 2015-present
Jed Goldstone Biology x4823 2015-present
Kathleen Benjamin HR x2705 2015-present
Leanora Fraser APO x2225 2015-present

Past Members

Name Department Years of Service
Stace Beaulieu Biology 2010-2015
Tina Betti HR/EEO Officer 2007-2015
Laura Slivinski PO/postdoc rep. 2015
Alicia Cruz-Uribe G&G/postdoc rep. 2015
Adam Shepherd CIS 2011-2014
Daniel Griffin G&G/Postdoctoral rep. 2014
Beatrice Tomasi AOPE/Postdoctoral rep. 2014
Shawn Arellano Biology/Postdoctoral rep. 2012
Heather Benway G&G/Postdoctoral rep. 2006
Christine Charette APO/Comm. Work and Family 2006-2010
Ernie Charette Facilities 2001-2006
Cyndy Chandler MCG 2005-2006
Kristen Davis PO/Postdoc rep. 2009-2010
Tim Eglinton MCG/co-chair 2004-2007 2004-2007
Kathy Elder G&G 2001-2005
John Farrar PO/JP student rep. 2005-2006
Dana Gerlach G&G/Women's Committee rep. 2006
Marsha Gomes APO 2001-2006
Sue Grieve AOPE 2001-2005
David Griffith MCG/JP student rep. 2010-2013
Kim Grodzki Directorate/Women's Comm. 2011
Nancy Grumet MCG/Postdoctoral rep. 2005-2006
Christine Hammond CIS 2001-2006
Greg Hirth G&G 2005-2007
Marjorie Holland Marine Ops 2001-2005
Ken Houtler Ship Ops 2005-2007
Darlene Ketten Biology 2001-2005
Liz Kujawinski MCG 2005-2007
Andone Lavery AOPE 2004-2010
Steve Lentz PO 2001-2005
Dam McCorkle G&G/2010-co-chair 2012-2013 2004-2007
Peter Mollo DEV 2006-2009
Ellen Montgomery PO 2001-2005
Tom Nemmers Board Relations 2001-2006
Mike Polito Biology/postdoc. rep. 2013
Larry Pratt PO/co-chair 2007-2011 2006-2011
Kristin Pangallo MCG/JP student rep. 2008-2009
Mike Purcell AOPE 2005-2009
Dave Ralston AOPE 2008-2013
Alexandro Rao MCG/Postdoc rep. 2007-2009
Karen Rauss Ombuds Office 2001-2006
Dan Repeta MCG 2001-2004
Alicia Rose CIS/Women's Comm. 2009-2010
Debbie Shafer CIS 2006-2010
Katie Shamberger G&G/postdoc. rep. 2013
Alison Shaw G&G 2007-2009
Emily Shroyer PO/Postdoc rep. 2010
Juliette Smith Biology/Postdoc rep. 2009-2010
Sue Stasiowski AOPE 2007-2009
Dave Sutherland PO/JP student rep. 2006-2008
Britta Voss MCG/JP Student rep. 2013-2014
Barry Walden AOPE/OSS 2001-2005
Joan Watring Fac 2006-2009
Larissa Williams Biology/Postdoc rep. 2011
Kakani Young AOPE/Postdoc rep., alt. 2011

Last updated: November 18, 2016

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