Diver in the water with a float for deploying the IFCB (2011 Taylor Crockford- WHOI )
Off the portside of the RV Tioga.  The southern shore of Martha’s Vineyard is in the background. In the foreground is a yellow mooring used to tie-off boats for tower work (2011 Taylor Crockford WHOI )
Alex Shalapyonok, Research Associate, next to water sampler rosette (2011 Taylor Crockford- WHOI )

Upper platform of MVCO  with the Air-Sea Interaction Tower (ASIT)

(2011 Taylor Crockford- WHOI)
Recovered IFCB after 11 months of deployment (2011 Taylor Crockford- WHOI )
IFCYB being lowered into the water (2011 Taylor Crockford WHOI)

Divers (Alex Shalaponyk and Rhys Probyn) preparing to deploy Imaging Flow CYTOBOT (IFCB) which is in wooden box for transport.

(2011 Taylor Crockford- WHOI )

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