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Speaker Abstracts

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U-series dating and open-system processes in fossil corals from Henderson Island, South Pacific.
Andersen M.B., and Stirling C.H

Low-temperature Isotopic Fractionation of Uranium
Andersen M.B., Stirling C.H , Potter, E. K., and Halliday, A.

Beyond the 'Bruun Rule': Dynamic Shoreline Responses to Sea Level Rise
Andrew Ashton

Constraining Orbital and Sub-Orbital sea-level change in MIS 5: evidence from the Gulf of Corinth, Greece
Julian E. Andrews, Clive Portman, Peter J. Rowe, Michael R. Leeder, Jenni Turner, and Jan Kramers1

U-Th and 14C: historical aspects and useful similarities
Edouard Bard

Improving U-Pb ID-TIMS geochronology through community driven technical developments.
Daniel J. Condon

Detailed stratigraphy, a prerequisite for useful interpretation of precise geochronologic data from Quaternary coral reefs
H. Allen Curran, Mark A. Wilson, William G. Thompson, and Brian White

Variation of the Sea-Level and of seawater uranium-isotopes ratio during the Last Deglaciation: New Insights from the IODP 310 "Tahiti Sea-Level" Expedition
P. Deschamps, N. Durand, E. Bard1, B. Hamelin, G. Camoin, A. L. Thomas, G. M. Henderson and Y. Yokoyama

Synthesis of Sea Level During the Penultimate Interglacial
Andrea Dutton

Sea Level and Ice Volume During the Last Interglacial
Andrea Dutton and Kurt Lambeck

Improved 230Th dating methods applied to the dating of the last 4 glacial terminations
R. Lawrence Edwards and Hai Cheng

Sea level reconstructions from stable and moved Pacific Islands: Marquesas, Vanuatu, New Caledonia
Norbert Frank, Guy Cabioch, Lucien Montaggioni, Eline Sallé, Claire Seard, Martine Paterne, and Christophe Colin

Warm Interglaciations, Abrupt Environmental Change, and the Antarctic “Wild Card”
Paul J. Hearty, Michael O’Leary, Maureen E. Raymo, Marci M. Robinson, Harry J. Dowsett

Correction of instrument biases during high-precision U-Th chronology on Nu instrument MC-ICP-MS
Gideon Henderson, Andrew Mason, Alex Thomas

IODP constraints on the (234U/238U) history of seawater
Gideon Henderson, and Alex Thomas

Sea level rise impacts on beaches and coastal property
Megan Higgins

Economic impacts of shoreline change
Porter Hoagland

Local impacts of sea level rise and state and regional guidance on adaptation planning
Julia Knisel

A Probabilistic Assessment of Ice Volume During the Last Interglacial
Bob E. Kopp, Frederik J. Simons, Jerry X. Mitrovica, Adam C. Maloof and Michael Oppenheimer

Morphostratigraphy and U-series ages from an emergent MIS 5e reef, Cape Cuvier, Western Australia
Michael J. O’Leary and Paul J. Hearty

Constraining sea levels during marine isotope stages 7 and 9 using speleothem growth from the Bahamas Archipelago
David A. Richards, Gina E. Moseley, Dirk L. Hoffmann, Peter L. Smart, R. Lawrence Edwards

U-redistribution in fossil reef corals and its effect on U-series coral ages
Denis Scholz1, and Augusto Mangini

Questions to put to the LIG
Mark Siddall

Improvements from Bern 2008 on “The timing of Termination II: New constraints from Tahiti”
Alexander L. Thomas, Gideon M. Henderson, Pierre Deschamps, Yusuke Yokoyama, Andrew J. Mason1, Edouard Bard, Bruno Hamelin, Nicolas Durand, and Gilbert Camoin

Some economics of sea level rise
John Whitehead

Reducing the impact of U-redistribution and recoil-related effects on U-series coral ages
William G. Thompson

A probabilistic framework for evaluating sea-level rise impacts
E. Robert Thieler

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