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Meet the Teams!!

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Meet the 2008 Teams!!

Move Your Fatty Acids
Marie Basile (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering), Team Captain
Jane Hopewood (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Phil Bouxsein (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Fred Jaffre (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Neil McPhee (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)

Mitzi Crane (R/V Atlantis), Team Captain
Ronnie Whims (R/V Atlantis)
Mike Doherty (R/V Atlantis)
Jean Lavache (R/V Atlantis)
Marcel Vieira (R/V Atlantis)

Femmes Five
Julia Westwater (Academic Programs), Team Captain
Becky Belastock (Geology & Geophysics)
Kim Amaral (Biology)
Angela York (Computer and Information Systems)
Christine Charette (Acadmic Programs)

The Generals
Karin Lemkau (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry), Team Captain
Jessica Benthuysen (Physical Oceanography)
Jared Severson (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Andrea Burke (Geology & Geophysics)
Joe Papp (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)

Buoy's from the Hood
Al Kuntz (Computer and Information Systems), Team Captain
Matthew Yorston (Computer and Information Systems)
Roland (Sonny) Cummings (Facilities)
Dave Walter (OSS - Alvin)
Edward Gray (Computer and Information Systems)

Off in The Woods
Melissa Patrician (Biology), Team Captain
Ann Tarrant (Biology)
Erin Dupuis (Biology)
Kelton McMahon (Biology)
Louie Wurch (Biology)

It's All About M.E.:
Megan Carroll (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering), Team Captain
Dan Duffany (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Chris Lumping (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Glenn McDonald (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Lidia Williams (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)

Brett Longworth (Geology & Geophysics), Team Captain
Pat Long (Geology & Geophysics)
Mark Roberts (Geology & Geophysics)
Dana Gerlach (Geology & Geophysics)
Rick Healy (Geology & Geophysics)

Unstable Isotopes:
Ernst Galutschek (Geology & Geophysics), Team Captain
Karl vonRedden (Geology & Geophysics)
Bill Jenkins (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
Sue Handwork (Geology & Geophysics)
Mary Lardie (Geology & Geophysics)

Miss Fits:
Nan Trowbridge (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry), Team Captain
Freddy Valois (Biology)
Libby Signell (Physical Oceanography)
Kristin Pangallo (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
Laura Hmelo (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)

Abigail Noble (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry), Team Captain
Alysia Cox (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
Caitlin Frame (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
Jonathan Murray (Computer Information Systems)
Andrew McDonnell (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)

Sea Monkeys:
Carly Buchwald (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry), Team Captain
Erin Banning (Biology)
Matt McIlvin (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
Meredith White (Biology)
Elizabeth Halliday (Biology)

Sea No Cellulite:
Katherine Joyce (Communications), Team Captain
Heather Benway (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
Sue Grieve (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Erin Koenig (Communications)
Linda Skiba (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering/Communications)

Ed's Angel Fish:
Holly Wilson (Communications), Team Captain
Karen Collasius (Communications)
Kathy Patterson (Communications)
Joanne Tromp (Communications)
Ed Zmuda (Communications)

Rick Galat (Facilities), Team Captain
Paul Avery (Facilities)
Rick Chandler (ALVIN)
Ernie Charette (Facilities)
Joan Watring (Facilities)

Bahama Mamas:
Terry McKee (Physical Oceanography), Team Captain
Julie Allen (Computer & Information Services)
Cyndy Chandler (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
Nancy Copley (Biology)
Ruth Curry (Physical Oceanography)

BL Owens (Computer and Information Services), Team Captain
Dicky Allison (Biology)
Nan Galbraith (Physical Oceanography)
Colleen Hurter (Library)
Cathy Offinger (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)

Fox(e)'s on the Run:
Dennis Fox (Procurement), Team Captain
Suzanne Bolton (Procurement)
Barbara Callahan (Procurement)
Sandy Sherlock (Procurement)
Mary Ann White (Procurement)

Ellen Bailey (Biology), Team Captain
Cheryl Daniels (Controller's Office)
Hilary Davis (Management Information Systems)
Pat Lake (Controller's Office)
Michelle McCafferty (Biology)

Stevie's Wonders:
Steve Senior (Facilities), Team Captain
Kate Davis (Facilities)
Stephen Drew (Facilities)
Patrick Harrington (Facilities)
Deb Snurkowski (Facilities)

Procurement Waste Watchers:
Diane Rieger (Procurement), Team Captain
Veta Green (Procurement)
Michelle Oliva (Procurement)
Laurie Thompson (Procurement)
Colleen Tuson (Procurement)

Ship Shape:
Linda Church (Controller's Office), Team Captain
Molly Lumping (Director's Office)
Wendy Sandner (Controller's Office)
Susan Tomeo (Biology)
Mary Zawoysky (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)

Plant Dogs:
Fred Keller (Facilities), Team Captain
Warren Davidson (Facilities)
Dave Derosier (Facilities)
Matt Foye (Facilities)
Kevin Thompson (Facilities)

Ellen Levy (Library), Team Captain
Ann Devenish (Library)
Fran Halbrooks (Geology & Geophysics)
Ellen Roosen (Geology & Geophysics)
Sherry White (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)

Ghastly Compliant Starfish:
Steve Murphy (Grants & Contract Services), Team Captain
Sandy Botelho-Sherlock (Grants & Contract Services)
Susan Ferreira (Grants & Contract Services)
Bonnie Jean Griffin (Grants & Contract Services)
Claire Reid (Grants & Contract Services)

P B & Jamms:
Joanne Goudreau (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry), Team Captain
Susan Brown-Leger (Geology & Geophysics)
Ann McNichol (Geology & Geophysics)
Margaret Sulanowska (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
Meg Tivey (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)

Fox Force 4 + 1:
Amy Kukulya (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering), Team Captain
Michael Bishop (Computer & Information Services)
Danielle Fino (Communications)
Marsha Gomes (Academic Programs)
Shona Vitelli (Academic Programs)

Ron Timm (Development), Team Captain
Peggy Daly (Development)
Wendy Henley (Development)
Tom Nemmers (Board Relations)
Lesley Reilly (Development)

The Flab Five:
Josh Burton (Geology & Geophysics), Team Captain
Al Gagnon (Geology & Geophysics)
Kathy Elder (Geology & Geophysics)
Cameron McIntyre (Geology & Geophysics)
Li Xu (Geology & Geophysics)

Team Peeps:
Fay Cali (Computer & Information Services), Team Captain
Maureen Carragher (Physical Oceanography)
Maryann Lucas (Physical Oceanography)
Alicia Rose (Computer & Information Services)
Maryanne Wray (Physical Oceanography)

Team Sea Legs:

Marj Holland (Ship Operations), Team Captain
Mike Brennan (Ship Operations)
Barbara Costello (Ship Operations)
Jennifer Maclone (Ship Operations)
Theo Moniz (Ship Operations)

The G-Team:
Ann Sweck (Human Resources), Team Captain
Emily Beaton (Human Resources)
Tina Betti (Human Resources)
Georgi Crowley (Environmental Health & Safety)
Michelle Slattery (Human Resources)

Mission Slim-Possible:
Dena Richard (Controller's Office), Team Captain
Julie Fawkes (Human Resources)
Dana Fernandez (Controller's Office)
Stacey MacDonald (Controller's Office)
Laurie Murphy (Controller's Office)

Team Pop-Tart:
Amanda Hansen (Biology), Team Captain
Elizabeth Caporelli (Marine Operations)
Dina Pandya (Communications)
Amy Nevala (Communications)
Patricia White (Physical Oceanography)

Fit, Fabulous + Fifty Plus:
Beth Andrews (Human Resources), Team Captain
Donna Hyman (Human Resources)
Linda Snow (Human Resources)
June Sullivan (Human Resources)
Judith Rizoli White (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)

Mark Behn (Geology & Geophysics), Team Captain
Nicole Keller (Geology & Geophysics)
Garrett Leahy (Geology & Geophysics)
Alison Shaw (Geology & Geophysics)
Adam Soule (Geology & Geophysics)

Total Gridlock:
Paula Fratantoni (Physical Oceanography), Team Captain
Ben Hodges (Physical Oceanography)
Konrad Hughen (Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry)
John Lund (Physical Oceanography)
Alison MacDonald (Physical Oceanography)

Penny Wise Pounds Foolish:
Emily Schorer (Human Resources), Team Captain
Shirley Barkley (Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering)
Carolyn Bunker (Finance & Administration)
John Lombardi (Management Information Systems)
Dave Stephens (Controller's Office)

Last updated: March 20, 2013

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