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Click on the right for the agenda and PowerPoint presentations (as PDF files) from the workshop.

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Related Files

» Agenda

» Cyndy Chandler, BCO-DMO, Data Management for OCB Projects

» Chris Sabine, NOAA/PMEL: Overview of Next CCSP

» Ken Davis, Penn State University: How NACP and the terrestrial community see themselves fitting into the new science plan

» Lisa Dilling, University of Colorado: Social sciences and decision support in the new science plan

» Joan Kleypas, NCAR: Ocean Acidification: Frontiers in Understanding Physiological and Ecological Responses Introductory Slide

» Gretchen Hofmann, UCSB: Global change functional genomics in the study of ocean acidification

» David Hutchins, USC: Changing nutrient cycles and ocean biology in a high-CO2 world

» Francisco Werner, Rutgers University: Addressing ecological thresholds in ocean acidification research

» Joan Kleypas, NCAR: Update on U.S. ocean acidification activities

» Richard Feely, NOAA/PMEL: What Repeat Hydrography can tell us about decadal-scale changes in the ocean

» Susan Banahan, Consortium for Ocean Leadership: Design and capabilities to address OCB research

» Oscar Schofield, Rutgers University: Potential for global-level observations of ocean biogeochemistry with gliders

» Ken Johnson, MBARI: OCB Floats and Gliders Scoping Workshop report (new OCB directions/outcomes)

» Simone Alin, NOAA/PMEL, and Paula Coble, USF: Overview of coastal synthesis activities

» Scott Denning, Colorado State University: Terrestrial-marine-atmospheric linkages in the Gulf of Mexico

» Mike Roman, Horn Point Environmental Laboratory: IMBER Update

» Elizabeth Shadwick, Dalhousie University: CARBOOCEAN Update

» Kathy Tedesco: IOCCP Update

» Wade McGillis, Lamont-Dohert Earth Observatory: Internationa Program Update-SOLAS

» Ray Najjar, Penn State University: Coastal carbon budgets along U.S. east coast

» Jeremy Mathis, University of Alaska: Coastal carbon budgets in the Arctic and marginal seas

» Kendra Daly, USF: Introduction and summary of Southern Ocean Scoping Workshop (new OCB directions/outcomes)

» David Ho, University of Hawaii: Overview of Southern Ocean GasEx Project

» Pete Strutton, Oregon State University: SO GasEx results and long term changes in Southern Ocean CO2 sources/sinks

» Phoebe Lam, WHOI: Southern Ocean particle fluxes

» Bob Anderson, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: GEOTRACES overview talk

» Chris Sabine, NOAA/PMEL: The Next U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan Revisited

Last updated: July 29, 2009