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"Ocean Acidification: the BIG Global Warming Story,"  September 13, 2007 Australian ABC TV Catalyst report explaining the source and effects of OA on the marine environment, especially on coral reefs (10 minutes; streaming RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, transcript also available)

"A Sea Change" Documentary film for release in 2008 that investigates the causes and effects of OA. (3 minute trailer available in streaming Flash video)

Documentary film gallery  hosted by the Euroceans project containing short films that interview scientists and provide helpful animations. Free downloadable Windows Media format (.wmv) films available in English, French, German, and Spanish include, among others:

  • "Ocean Acidification," which explains ocean acidification and reviews consequences for small ocean organisms, especially in the polar regions. (10 minutes, 120 MB)
  • "Should We Manipulate the Ocean?" which explains the circulation of carbon dioxide in the ocean and discusses some of the pros and cons of adding chemicals to the ocean to correct anthropogenic changes. (12 minutes, 475 MB)

Audio and podcasts
Streaming audio

"Warming Oceans Less Hospitable for Plant Life," December 6, 2006 National Public Radio Morning Edition report that discusses the effects of a warming ocean, and introduces ocean acidification (3 minutes).

"Examining the State of the Oceans,"  November 18, 2005 National Public Radio Talk of the Nation interview of marine biologist Sylvia Earle, who discusses some of the biggest stresses facing the world's oceans today. (35 minutes)

"Alaska Concludes Conference on Climate Costs," February 18, 2007 National Public Radio Weekend Edition Sunday report on a three-day conference that reviewed the costs of climate change and ocean acidification on Alaska's economy. (4 minutes)

Downloadable audio

"Coral in Crisis," December 14, 2007 National Public Radio Science Friday show interviews oceanographer Ken Caldeira about the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs (12 minutes).

"The Dangers of Ocean Acidity,"
April 6, 2006 Puget Sound Public Radio Weekday show interviewing oceanographers Chris Sabine and Richard Feely, who explain ocean acidification and discuss some of the consequences (1 hour).  

"Ocean Acidification: the Other CO2 Problem," August 5, 2006 New Scientist Environment podcast interviewing marine ecologist Joanie Kleypas, who explains ocean acidification, compares it to the historic record, and discusses some of the consequences (8 minutes).

"Oceans and CO2,"  December 3, 2005 CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks interview of marine biologist Victoria Fabry, who explains ocean acidification (8 minutes).

"Ocean Acidification: The changing chemistry of the sea," January 29, 2007 National Public Radio Justice Talking segment on the future of the oceans includes interview of NOAA oceanographer Chris Sabine (3 MB MP3)


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