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Workshop Agenda

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Final agenda (PDF)

Workshop Agenda and Presentations
Wednesday, April 1 - Science Workshop
8:30 Welcome and introduction - (Jian Lin)
8:40 Global distribution of hydrothermal activity: High-T fluxes - (Chris German
9:00 Global distribution of mineralization: Mass flux - (Mark Hannington
9:20 Seafloor weathering/aging of SMS deposits - (Rachel Mills)
9:40 Geophysical signatures of SMS deposits - (Maurice Tivey)
10:00 Moderated discussion (30 mins) - (Rob Zierenberg)
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45 MAR hydrothermal systems and new paradigms - (Georgy Cherkashov)
Quick hits:
11:05 Ultra-slow spreading - (Rolf Pedersen)
11:15 SWIR - (Yaomin Yang)
11:25 Back-arcs Lau/Manus - (Meg Tivey)
11:35 Kermadec arc – (Matt Leybourne)
11:45 Moderated discussion (45 mins) - (Rachel Mills)
12:30-1:30PM Lunch
1:30 Hydrothermal vent ecosystems: What’s at risk? - (Cindy Van Dover)
1:50 Hydrothermal vent microbial interactions - (Anna-Louise Reysenbach)
2:10 Geobiology - (Ingunn Thorseth)
2:30 Moderated discussion (30 mins) - (Lisa Levin)
3:00-3:15 Break
Quick hits:
3:15 Larval dispersal/Population connectivity - (Lauren Mullineaux)
3:25 Is instability an essential feature of deep-sea hydrothermal vent ecosystems? - (Kim Juniper)
3:35 Microbial interactions (Yohey Suzuki)
3:45 Working with industry to conduct environmental surveys: an example from New Zealand - (Ashley Rowden)
3:55 MPAs Atlantic - (Sabine Christiansen)
4:05 Moderated discussion (55 mins) - (Ashley Rowden)
5:00-6:30PM Posters and refreshments

Thursday, April 2, morning - Policy Workshop
8:30 Welcome and introduction (Jian Lin - InterRidge, Maurice Tivey, Porter Hoagland)
Moderator for morning session prior to break - (Porter Hoagland)
8:40 Panel for international aspects of seafloor mining: Economics - (Rod Eggert), International Seabed Authority - (Nii Odunton), IMMS code - (Philomene Verlaan) Presentation; Slide
9:10 Comments, starting with countries that have programs in international waters: China - (John Chen), India - (K.A. Kamesh Raju), Russia - (Georgy Cherkashov), other countries (e.g., France, Germany, Korea)
9:40 Protecting areas in the high seas and marine spatial planning - the developing international picture - (Jeff Ardron)
9:55 Seafloor resource development in Papua New Guinea - (Samantha Smith)
10:10 Comments, starting with industry representatives: Anglo American (Chris Carlon), Teck (Jelena Puzic)
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45 Design and implementation of Marine Protected Areas in the deep sea - lessons from manganese nodules and seamounts - (Craig Smith)
11:00-12:30 Moderated discussion (1.5 hrs) - (Craig Smith and Chris German)
12:30-1:30PM Lunch and take-down posters

Last updated: April 24, 2009

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