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Membership Policy

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In order to preserve the diversity and the representation of various groups of WHOI employees on the Diversity Committee, the committee shall consist of thirteen (13) members from the following three categories:

  • Six (6) Scientific Department/Center members
          - at least two (2) of which shall be faculty

          - at least one (1) of which shall be a tenured faculty member

          -  an effort will be made to have one representative from each department - AOPE, BIO, G&G,  MC&G, PO, MPC

  • Five (5) Non-Scientific Department staff members
          -  an effort will be made to have at least one representative each from Academic Programs, Communications, Human Resources, Marine Operations and Directorate/Development

  • Two (2) graduate students and/or postdoctoral researchers
         -  Postdoctoral fellows, scholars and investigators are all eligible (an alternate may be named to assure representation at meetings)

Members are elected to 2-year terms with the possibility of serving a second consecutive 2-year term.  New members shall be elected each fall after the annual open meeting at which the current membership will solicit self-nominations from staff members interested in serving on the committee.  Names of additional candidates can be a) submitted to the committee in writing at least two weeks before the next election, and/or b) submitted by a nominating committee chosen by the active Diversity Committee members.

Each fall six (6) or seven (7) candidates shall be elected, depending on the number of outgoing members.  Outgoing Diversity Committee members will organize the elections and tally the votes.  Candidates with the most votes in each category are elected. Election results will be published on the Diversity Committee web site and announced on the weekly WHOI Headlines. The Committee recognizes that given the small size of some departments/centers it may be difficult to always have a representative elected from that department/center (e.g., MPC).

The two co-chairs will serve overlapping terms in order to ensure continuity, and will be elected by the Diversity Committee during the first meeting after the fall elections.  At the same meeting the active Diversity Committee members will elect a secretary (to record minutes) and a web master.

An effort will be made to appointment members currently serving on other Institutional Committees' i.e., Women's Committee, International Committee, etc.
Replacement of Members
If a duly elected member must step down during a term, the candidate with the next highest number of votes (in the same category) will be offered the position. If that person declines, the nominees with the next highest number of votes will be offered it in sequence until a candidate is found who is willing to serve in place of the outgoing committee member. The new member will serve for the remainder of the original term, at which point they may be re-elected.  If no such replacement exists, the position may remain vacant if less than 6 months is remaining in the term.  If more than 6 months is remaining a volunteer replacement will be sought from the group represented by the out-going member (e.g., the Post-Doctoral Association may provide a replacement for an out-going post-doc). 

Last updated: October 27, 2008

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