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Advisory Committees

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An advisory committee provides general direction and guidance, usually ongoing but not necessarily permanent.

On this page: Access to the Sea Committee | Ocean Institute Committees

Access to the Sea Committee
The Access to the Sea Committee is interested in the Institution's fleet and the management and policy thereof. The Committee reviews past, present, and future marine policies and needs as they pertain to ships and ship operations. Recommendations are made to the Directorate accordingly.

The Committee meets from time to time as may be desirable, usually once or twice a year prior to the annual or semi-annual meetings. At these meetings, the Committee receives a report from the Vice President for Marine Operations designed to bring the members fully up-to-date. Between meetings, other reports and background information are mailed by the Committee Chairman when received.

Robert L. James, Chair
Peter A. Aron
Richard I. Arthur
Joseph S. Barr, Jr.
Rodney B. Berens
Joan T. Bok
Louis W. Cabot 
Joel P. Davis
Sara G. Dent
Thomas J. Devine
Robert A. Frosch
Lisina M. Hoch
Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.
Paul J. Keeler
Peter H. McCormick
James E. Moltz
George K. Moss
Joyce K. Moss
Thomas D. Mullins
Reuben F. Richards
D. Alec Sargent
John W. Sawyer
David B. Scully
John A. Scully
Hope Noyes Smith
William P.N. Smith
Edward J. Tregurtha
Marjorie M. von Stade
F. Thomas Westcott
Mark R. Abbott (ex officio)
Robert S.C. Munier (ex officio)

Ocean Institute Committees
The purpose of the Ocean Institute Committees is to foster broad-based support, both internally and externally, for the research, educational and outreach activities of the four Ocean Institutes (Coastal Ocean, Ocean and Climate Change, Ocean Exploration, and Ocean Life. Each Ocean Institute Committee has the following charge:
  • Gain knowledge of Institute mission, themes, research facilities, education initiatives and resource requirements.
  • Facilitate and participate in Institute research forums and stay abreast of research plans and Institute printed material.
  • Articulate the Institute's purpose and value to others.
  • Suggest communications strategies and promotional materials to foster awareness among the public and policymakers of Institute activities.
  • Suggest strategies for outreach, cultivation, and solicitation to enhance the resource base of the Institute.

Coastal Ocean Institute Members
Peter F. Tobeason, Chair
Arthur Yorke Allen
Robert M. Baylis
Noellette M. Conway-Schempf 
Steven G. Hoch
Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.
Jefferson E. Hughes, Jr.
Thomas C. Kehler
Scott D. Krentzman
Anne C. Kronenberg
Georgette C. McConnell
Newton P.S. Merrill
Thomas D. Mullins
Nancy S. Newcomb
Walter P. Noonan
John F. O'Brien
Carl E. Peterson
William A. Rugh
D. Alec Sargent
William P.N. Smith
Paul E. Speer
Thomas J. Tierney
Edward J. Tregurtha
Thomas B. Wheeler
Kenneth R. Woodcock
Priscilla Woods

Ocean and Climate Change Institute Members
Alfred T. Dengler, Chair
A. Clinton Allen, III
William N. Bancroft
Christopher T. Barrow
Hugh B. Bolton
Louis W. Cabot
Samuel R. Coleman
Coburn D. Everdell
Richard A. Falkenrath, Jr.
Michele S. Foster
Hugh D.S. Greenway
Robert F. Hoerle
James B. Hurlock
Thomas Keffer
Anne C. Kronenberg
L. Thomas Melly
L. Dean Miltimore
George F. Russell, Jr.
Elisabeth L. Sikes
Jack J. Stiffler
Gregory S. Stone
Gordon R. Sullivan
Geoffrey A. Thompson
Peter K. Wallace
Jamie R. Zimmerman

Ocean Exploration Institute Members
James L. Dunlap, Chair
Peter A. Aron
James A. Austin, Jr.
Edward C. Brainard, II
Coleman P. Burke
Stephen M.D. Day
Robert L. James
Charles M. Lucas
Peter H. McCormick
Pamela W. McNamara
George K. Moss
James H. Orr, Jr.
Joseph F. Patton, Jr.
John W. Peirce
James P. Rosenfield
Joseph D. Roxe
John W. Sawyer
David B. Scully
Cecily Cannan Selby
Christopher R. Tapscott
Marjorie M. von Stade

Ocean Life Institute Members
Reuben F. Richards, Chair
Joseph S. Barr, Jr.
Rodney B. Berens
Percy Chubb, III
James M. Clark, Jr.
Daphne Hoch Cunningham
Sara G. Dent
Robert C. Ducommun
Ann T. Hale
Lisina M. Hoch
Robert L. James
George C. Lodge, Jr.
Nancy S. Milburn
Joyce K. Moss
B. Waring Partridge, IV
David B. Scully
Hardwick Simmons
Gregory S. Stone
Keith S. Thomson
Barbara J. Wu

Last updated: December 3, 2015