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Curriculum Vitae

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A.B., Chemistry and Physics, Reed College, 1963
A.M., Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1965
Ph.D., Chemical Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1969

Professional Experience
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Summer Fellow in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, 1968.
Harvard University: Research Fellow in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, 1969-71; Lecturer in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, 1971.
National Center for Atmospheric Research: Visiting Scientist, Oceanography Section, Division of Atmospheric Analysis and Prediction, 1983-84.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Assistant Scientist, 1971-75; Associate Scientist, 1975-86; Tenure awarded, 1982; Senior Scientist, 1986-present; Chair, Department of Physical Oceanography, 1990-94; Associate Director for Research, 1994-1996; Senior Associate Director and Director of Research, May 1996-April 2002; Executive Vice President and Director of Research, April 2002-July 2006; Acting President and Director, July 17, 2006-January 31, 2008; Director Emeritus, February 1, 2008 to present.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: Director, Red Sea Science and Engineering Research Center, September 1 to present.

Naval Research Advisory Committee: Member, 1997-2003.
American Meteorological Society Awards Committee Member, 1998-2003.
Member, American Meteorological Society, since 2002.
Board Member, Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System (GoMOOS), since 2002.

Research Interests
Observations of ocean currents designed to understand the underlying processes, particularly long period equatorial variability and its relation to the mean circulation; models of the thermocline in the subtropical gyres; structure of the general circulation of the North Atlantic and the role of eddies therein; observations and dynamics of the Gulf Stream, Agulhas and other strong currents.

Author or co-author of 40 referred scientific publications.

Referred Publications

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Non-Referred Publications

Luyten, J. R., 1980. The Indian Ocean: Upper level circulation. In: McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology, McGraw-Hill, New York, p. 229-231.

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Technical Reports

Spencer, A., K. O'Neill, and J. R. Luyten, 1980. A compilation of moored current meter data, White Horse profiles and associated oceanographic observations, Volume XXIV (Indian Ocean array, 1976). Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Technical Report WHOI-80-41, 46 pp.

Levy, E., A. Spencer, G. Needell, G. Hund, and J. R. Luyten, 1982. A compilation of moored current meter data, White Horse profiles and associate oceanographic observations. Volume XXIX (INDEX, 1979). Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Technical Report WHOI-82-16, 39 pp.

Luyten, J. R., and H. M. Stommel, 1988. Exploring the North Atlantic Ocean on floppy disks. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Technical Report WHOI-88-59, 65 pp. + 4 diskettes.

Luyten, J., A. Spencer, S. Tarbell, K. Luetkemeyer, P. Flament, J. Toole, M. Francis, and S. Bennett, 1990. Moored current meter, AVHRR, CTD, and drifter data from the Agulhas Current and Retroflexion region (1985-1987), Vol. XLII. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Technical Report WHOI-90-30, 100 pp.

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