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Kenneth W. W. Sims

Associate Scientist with Tenure

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Contact Information
Department of Geology and Geophysics
(address mail to: MS # 22)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Telephone: (508) 289-2634

Research Interests
Application of U-series disequilibria, radiogenic isotope geochemistry, major- and trace- element geochemistry and the principles of physics and chemistry to a variety of fundamental problems in Earth and planetary sciences, including: accretionary and core-formation history and processes in planets; the origin and evolution of the Earth’s mantle and continental crust; the generation and transport of basaltic magma; the development and evolution of volcanic systems; magma degassing; volcanic hazard assessment; radiometric methods for dating igneous and sedimentary rocks; geo-archeology; and, isotope hydrology

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Links to Popular Science Articles and Books
?Lava Scientists: Careers on the Edge of Volcanoes.? Enslow Publishers Inc., 2009 (author Sara Latta)

Oceanus, Fall, 2006, ?Into the 'Mouth of Hell': A journey into the crater of an active volcano.?

The Volcano Explorer
In 2003, video producer John Catto captured footage of geologist Ken Sims climbing into Masaya Volcano. After arriving on the floor of volcano, he set up his instrument, a radon detector, near the edge of the smoking crater. While in this hot, noxious place, Sims gathered gas, communicated with scientist Pierre Gauthier on the surface, and kept an eye on rising magma in the crater.

National Geographic Magazine, October, 2004, ?Sniffing for Clues to the Dinosaurs Demise.?
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