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Previous Research Projects

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Red Sea Outflow Experiment (REDSOX)
co-PIs: Amy Bower and Dave Fratantoni (WHOI)
Bill Johns and Hartmut Peters (RSMAS)

Atlantic Climate and Circulation Experiment
Warm Water Pathways and Intergyre Exchange in the Northeastern North Atlantic
co-PIs: Amy Bower and Phil Richardson (WHOI)

Arabian Marginal Seas and Gulfs
co-PIs: Amy Bower and Jim Price (WHOI)

Mediterranean Outflow and Meddies
co-PIs: Amy Bower (WHOI), Lawrence Armi (SIO/UCSD), Isabel Ambar (U. Lisbon), and Phil Richardson (WHOI)

Deep Western Boundary Current
co-PIs: Amy Bower (WHOI), Robert Pickart (WHOI) and William Smethie (LDEO)

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