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Routing Application to GCS

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» Routing Application to GCS
PDF with graphical instructions

When you are finished entering information and attaching files, please save the file and then click the ‘check for errors’ button at the top of the Instruction Page. Please correct errors before submitting the file to GCS for review and submission to the agency.

An additional indicator that your file is ready to go to the Grants office is the ‘Submit’ button on the Instruction Page will no longer be grayed out.

Although the Submit button is active, it is not meant for departmental users to click. Only GCS has the authority to submit an application package to the agency. Please remember that departments do not push the Submit button in application files.

Unlike NSF’s FastLane, the departmental user does not submit the application package to the site. FastLane’s submittal by departmental users is really an interim step to allow GCS to review the application before they click the official ‘submit to NSF’ button. In the .xfd files we download from, the ‘Submit’ button is exactly that: it is the official ‘submit to the agency’ mechanism. At WHOI, the GCS staff are the only Authorized Organizational Representatives who may submit application packages.


WHOI still requires internal routing with signatures. Thus, the proposal is entered into the Proposal Log as usual. In the mailing section, please check the ‘Fastlane’ box as it will signify that your proposal is being submitted electronically and not on paper. Please add a comment that this proposal will be submitted via

Print the Green Sheet and attach it to a printout of the proposal. The Print button on the electronic application package’s Instruction Page will print out all the forms for you, but you will need to open each attachment and print it separately as well. Include all pages of all printouts with your Green Sheet.

The Green Sheet needs all the usual signatures. Remember that if PIs come from more than one department, then the Dept. Administrator and Chair from each involved departments must sign the Green Sheet.

Send the paper proposal to GCS as is normal.


The electronic file you completed is also sent to GCS. All application package filenames are to be named the same way: WHOI proposal number (replacing the ‘.’ in the proposal number with an underscore ‘_’) with the file extension of .xfd.

Example: ZZ12345_00.xfd

Because of the way in which data is held in memory while you are working in an electronic application package, it is very important that you SAVE & EXIT all parts of the .xfd file before sending your file to GCS.

WARNING: We have documented cases where what was sent via paper and what was in the .xfd file do not match due to the way the PureEdge™ viewer holds information in memory until the file is saved and exited. We have found this to be true both for data in form fields and attachments.

This lack of automatically saving of the file is another reason that GCS is asking you to send all the pages of printout from the application package. The form pages that list the names of your attachments to the proposal are the only place where GCS can compare the filenames of what you attached to what they see attached in the electronic .xfd file.

GCS will not submit your proposal via without having received the paper copy of the proposal with the necessary signatures on the Green Sheet.


A web form has been developed to allow departmental users to upload the application package file and some identifying information about it. GCS will receive an email when you have submitted the file and will download it to their computers for review.


Last updated: August 4, 2015

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