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Recipients shall submit, within 90 calendar days after the date of completion of the award, all financial, technical and other reports as required.

Report types that are required:

  1. Final Financial Report(s) (SF-269A), (SF-271) or (SF-272) as required by DOE (Controller's Office)
  2. A Final Performance Technical report - DOE F 241.3 (PI) - for more information see DOE website.
  3. A completed Special Research Grant Property Certification- Form AA-88 (Property Office)
  4. Patent Certification Form DOE F2050-11 (OAO)

All forms are sent to the Institution with a letter requesting the required documents at the expiration of the award.



Closeout will begin within 90 days after the expiration date of the grant.  NASA’s goal for closeout to be completed is within 180 days after the expiration of the grant.  

  1. Those who are designated to receive NASA reports (except for CASI, which only acknowledges receipt) must provide certification to the NASA grant officer that the reports have been received and satisfactorily completed.  Electronic certifications are acceptable.  
  2. The property certification should indicate that disposal of any remaining Government property has been made as directed and that NASA has been compensated for any residual inventory.  ONR ACO  will noticfy of the completion of property administration duties using a DD Form 1593 Contract Administration Completion Record (or equivalent electronic notification), without supporting or backup documents.
  3. The grant officer must obtained from the NASA technical officer certifications that all technicatl reports have been received.
  4. Payments must be made for allowable reimbursable costs, and refunds received for any balance of unobligated cash advanced that is not authorized to be retained for use on other grants.
For more details see NASA Grant Manual - Section A.




Unless the GMO grants an extension, grantees must submit a final Financial Status Report (FSR), Final Progress Report, and Final Invention Statement and Certification within 90 days of the end of grant support. Failure to submit timely and accurate final reports may affect future funding to the organization or awards with the same PI.

1.  The Final Progress Report should include a summary of progress toward the achievement of the originally stated aims, a list of significant results (positive or negative), and a list of publications. The final progress report also should address the following:
  • Report on the inclusion of gender and minority study subjects (using the gender and minority inclusion table as provided in the PHS 2590)
  • Describe any data, research materials (such as cell lines, DNA probes, animal models), protocols, software, or other information resulting from the research that is available to be shared with other investigators and how it may be accessed.

An original and one copy of this report should be submitted to the GMO.

2.  The grantee must submit a Final Invention Statement and Certification (HHS 568), whether or not the funded project results in any subject inventions. The HHS 568 must list all inventions that were conceived or first actually reduced to practice during the course of work under the project, and it must be signed by the PI and an AOO. The completed form should cover the period from the original effective date of support through the date of expiration or termination or the award, and it should be submitted to the NIH awarding office. If there were no inventions, the form should indicate “None.”

3.  The final FSR (prepared by the Controller's Office) must cover the period of time since the previous FSR submission or, for awards under SNAP, the entire competitive segment or as much of the competitive segment as has been funded before termination. Final FSRs must have no unliquidated obligations and must indicate the exact balance of unobligated funds. Unobligated funds must be returned to NIH or must be reflected by an appropriate accounting adjustment in accordance with instructions from the GMO or from the payment office.

For more details on Closeout see the NIH website.



Recipients shall submit, within 90 days after the date of completion of the award, all financial, technical and other reports as required.

 1.  Final Performance/Progress Report  (PI)

The last semi-annual performance report is required. The final report, which summarizes activities conducted during the entire award must be submitted within 90 days following the end date of the project.

Performance/Progress Reports are to be completed in NOAA’s Grants Online System.

 2.  Financial Status Report (SF-269)   (Controller’s Office)

  • A final comprehensive Financial Status Report shall be submitted, within 90 days after award expiration. The report shall cover the entire project period from the start date through the end date of the original award or approved extended end date of the award and must include the cumulative total of indirect costs charged to the award.
  • The recipient may use the SF-269A (short form) if no program income was generated during the award period.

 3.  Federal Cash Transaction Report (SF-272)  (Controller’s Office)

A final Federal Cash Transaction Report is due within 90 days after award expiration. The report shall cover the last semi-annual reporting period ending on September 30 or March 31, or a portion thereof, based on the end date or approved extended end date of the award.

 Federal Financial Reports are to be completed in NOAA’s Grants Online System.



Unless otherwise specified in the grant document, within 90 days following the expiration of the grant the grantee must:

  1. Submit the Final Project Report, along with any technical information items listed in Part III of the Form 98A, as appropriate. This Final Project Report must be submitted electronically via the NSF Fastlane. (PI)
  2. Furnish the NSF Division of Financial Management with final disbursement information on the Federal Cash Transactions Report, SF 272; and  (Controller's Office)
  3. Provide any unique reports or other end products in accordance with the grant, (e.g., special cost-sharing reports) including report requirements set forth in any NSF brochure, guide, solicitation, etc., referenced in the grant as being directly related to either the award or administration of the grant. (PI)
More detailed information is available in the NSF Grant Closeout document.



Recipients shall submit, within 90 calendar days after the date of completion of the award, all financial, technical and other reports as required by the terms and conditions of the award. Reports shall be furnished as specified in the attachment to the award document entitled "Reports and Report Distribution."

Report types that are required:

  1. Performance (Technical) Report(s) (Include letter report(s))
  2. Final Technical Report, issued at completion of Grant.
    NOTE: Technical Reports must have a SF-298 accompanying them.
  3. Final Financial Status Report (SF 269)
  4. Final Patent Report (DD882)

The individual grant document attachment REPORT AND REPORT DISTRIBUTION will have instructions on the report types that are required, the number of copies and the addressees of the required reports.



As other agencies and foundations have different reporting requirements, see the award document or call GRANT AND CONTRACT SERVICES for guidance on what reports are required.

Last updated: August 4, 2015

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