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Internal Submission Guidelines

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CICOR Submissions

The Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research (CICOR), a Joint Institute between WHOI and NOAA is nearing expiration. Proposals for new funding through CICOR require special permission. 

CINAR - NOAA Cooperative Institute
The CINAR website contains details for proposal submission requesting funding through the Cooperative Institute.

Internal Competitive Funding Programs
WHOI provides a number of competitive programs that are available only to WHOI staff.  For a complete listing of currently available programs and the specifics of eligibility, deadlines, and proposal preparation please visit the Director of Research website.

Procedure for Institute and other Internal Proposal Submissions

April 27, 2011

1.     Institute Administrator (or equivalent) informs GCS of the upcoming Call for Proposals.  When possible, the deadline should be coordinated with GCS to try to avoid “busy” times, for example Feb. 15 and Aug. 15.

2.     Department prepares proposals (Submissions) according to Institute (or equivalent) guidelines and inputs into WHOIgrants.  If the proposal will be submitted to more than one Institute, select the “primary” Institute for the Agency Division at the Proposal level and add a comment on the Submission Level under Special Instructions that states that it will also be sent to other Institute(s).  All Institutes should be advised in the proposal text that this proposal has gone to more than one.

3.     The Department sends PDF version to Institute Administrator (or Administrators, if PI wishes to submit to more than one Institute) and this must be done prior to the stated Deadline.  The Department sends the original with signed and frozen (“To GCS”) Green Sheet to GCS (Sandy) for processing.  This processing is done when time is available and is not required prior to the Institute’s deadline.  The Department should also send the PDF to any other departments involved in the proposal.  Please include in the Special Instructions area of the Green Sheet acknowledgement that the PDF files were sent by the department to the Institute and to any others as necessary.

4.     GCS (Sandy) will hold all proposals for GCS – updating WHOIgrants with submission date, when received.  Institute will provide a list of all proposals to GCS for confirmation and coordination.

5.     The GCS AP (Sandy) will send copies to the required offices when proposal contains Vertebrates, DNA, classified data, intellectual property, etc

6.     The Institute (or equivalent) ad hoc committees review the proposals and make funding recommendations.  Just as soon as all decisions are final, the Institute Administrator (or equivalent) sends a complete list to GCS (Sandy, Bonnie, and Susie) with Award, Decline, and Revised Budget requested indicated. Funding source, project numbers and award amounts are indicated except when revisions are pending. 

  • Note that a revised budget is not required when: the budget change is a minor, arbitrary amount determined by the Institute; or when a specific line item (such as a piece of equipment or trip to a conference) is being adjusted. Institute administrator must inform GCS as to nature of the adjustment when communicating funding results.
  • Revised budgets are required if the scope of the project changes. That is, when salaries and other costs need to be re-estimated to accommodate the change in funding level.

7.     If the Institute (or equivalent) has requested that the budget be revised, the revised budget and all information must be entered into WHOIgrants as a revised Submission (.01) – including all fields as for any other revision.  The revised budget (and justification) will be sent to the Institute and to GCS (Sandy, Bonnie, and Susie) as a PDF.  A new Green Sheet for the .01 is not required. 

8.     The GCS AP (Sandy) will log all declined proposals in WHOIgrants.  The Grant Administrator (Susie or Bonnie) will award the others in collaboration with the Institute Administrator (or equivalent).  Please be advised that all projects for all Institutes cannot be done in one day.

9.     Institute Administrators will send copies of Award letters (only) to the appropriate Grant Administrator (Susie or Bonnie).  Copies of all letters (award & decline) should be sent to Department Administrators.

Private Foundation Submissions

The Office of Foundation Relations is responsible for fostering the Institution’s relationships with private philanthropies. They identify and cultivate appropriate funding partners for research projects and educational initiatives. Some of their activities include: planning and coordinating approaches to potential funders; meeting with foundation representatives to identify areas of mutual interest; administering and contributing to the proposal submission process; tracking reporting requirements and working with scientists to enhance project reports; and communicating with current and potential donors about WHOI’s activities.

Private Foundation Submissions Web page:

USGS Coop Submission

This Cooperative Agreement between the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and the Branch of Atlantic Marine Geology of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides a mechanism to support scientific and technical interactions between the two organizations. Scientists at WHOI conduct a broad range of basic and applied oceanographic research in the world oceans. The USGS describes marine and coastal systems, attempts to understand the fundamental processes that create, modify and maintain them, and develops predictive models that provide understanding of natural systems, the effects of man's activities on them, and creates a capability to predict future change.

Director of Research USGS Coop Web page:

OAO Submission to NAVO

NAVOCEANO working with WHOI as a Direct Partner

OAO has established a direct, sole-source contracting relationship with NAVO in order to partner with them on new contracts, resulting in WHOI serving as the primary point of contact for oceanographic research for NAVO. Funds from other commands in the Navy can potentially be channeled through this contract to WHOI. Conversely, funds can also be distributed to PIs at other institutions for specific collaborations.

OAO Web Page:

Procedure for Submission of Proposals
February 2011

1.      NAVO has established a contract with WHOI through the Office for Applied Oceanography (OAO).  NAVO then solicits, through OAO, proposals for delivery orders (DO) against the contract.

2.       OAO asks the appropriate PI(s) and his/her department to prepare a Proposal/Submission with accurate budget, budget justification, and some text – the length of text to be appropriate to the purpose of the DO.  At the minimum it is a summary of the Statement of Work. The proposal must be rsponsive to the RFP sent to WHOI by the contracting officer at NAVO.  It should include a WHOI endorsement page.

3.      Each proposal for a new Delivery Order should have a new Proposal/Submission number. 

4.      The Submission has a completed Green Sheet, including all required information, and an Abstract (summary of the Statement of Work).  The Green Sheet is signed by the Department Administrator(s) and Chair(s) as appropriate and sent to GCS.  The “Mail To” field should include the name of the person at NAVO who sent the RFP.  The “Special Instructions” section should include the name and email address of the Program Manager who will actually fund the proposed work and who may not be part of NAVO (pass through from other areas of the Navy).   The PI and department office should work closely with the OAO Project Manager, Janet Uttaro, especially if there are any questions about the RFP.  All communications between PI and NAVO or the Program Manager should be copied to Janet.  Janet will receive a copy of the PDF of the proposal when it is submitted by GCS.

5.      GCS will review and obtain Institution signatures as necessary.  When all is in order, Sandy (GCS) will make a PDF of the proposal and send to the NAVO Contract office with a copy to each name listed on the Special Instructions on the Grean Sheet and a copy to the OAO Project Manager (Janet).  Questions regarding the proposal should be directed to GCS. 

6.      NAVO issues a Delivery Order to WHOI and GCS will return acceptance.  GCS then assigns a project number or numbers (based on the number of sub-budgets in the Submission) and “Yellow-Sheets” the award using normal procedures.  OAO receives copies of all documents.

7.      OAO works with the PI(s) to assist with the monthly reports and with No-Cost Extensions, etc.

If you wish to have OAO assistance with other Contracts from the Federal Government - such as NUWC - please contract Janet Uttaro.


Sea Grant Annual Submission
Sea Grant has a special proposal submission process.  Please see website for details:

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