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Responsibility by Project

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8's NSF Grants Sue Ferreira
10's Navy Contracts (incl. ONR) Dave Stephens
11's Department of Energy John Varanelli
13's ONR Grants John Varanelli
15's Subcontracts w/ Other Government Prime John Varanelli
16's Non-Government Other (subs, POs, contracts...) John Varanelli
18's Foreign Projects Amy Chadburn
21's NIH Grants John Varanelli
22's NOAA - Sea Grant Amy Chadburn
23's NASA Grants Amy Chadburn
24's NOAA Grants Amy Chadburn
25's Non-Government Grants/Gifts Amy Chadburn
26's Subawards w/NSF Prime Sue Ferreira
27's Endowed Research Accounts Amy Chadburn
29's Expenditures from Fee Revenue Sue Ferreira
30's Vetlesen Accounts Sue Ferreira
31's Penzance Accounts Sue Ferreira
32's Director's Other Discretionary Sue Ferreira
35's Institution Accounts Sue Ferreira
37's NOAA Cooperative Institutes (CINAR) Sue Ferreira
39's Suspense Accounts Dave Stephens
40's EPA Grants Amy Chadburn
42's  OOI Coastal Global Scale Nodes (CGSN) Sue Ferreira
43's NASA Contracts Amy Chadburn
44's NOAA Contracts and POs Amy Chadburn
45's Non-Federal Gov't Contracts/Grants John Varanelli
47's Subawards - USGS Prime John Varanelli
48's USGS John Varanelli
49's Misc. Other Federal Contracts John Varanelli
53's (Cost Center)  Independent Research and Development (IR&D) - Overhead Sue Ferreira
60's Royalties Sue Ferreira
63's Fixed Price Balance Accounts Amy Chadburn
64's Crowd Funding Amy Chadburn
66's Alucia Lease John Varanelli
70's Subawards - Army Prime John Varanelli
71's Subawards - DARPA Prime John Varanelli
72's Subawards - Dept. of Energy Prime John Varanelli
73's Subawards - Dept. of Interior Prime John Varanelli
74's Subawards - EPA Prime Amy Chadburn
75's Subawards - NASA Prime Amy Chadburn
76's Subawards - Navy Prime John Varanelli
77's Subawards - NIH Prime John Varanelli
78's Subawards - NOAA Prime Amy Chadburn
79's Subawards - U.S. Air Force Prime John Varanelli

Last updated: November 16, 2016

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