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Responsibilities When Signing Proposals

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Principal Investigator

  • The science is of the highest quality.

  • The proposal does not include any scientific misconduct as defined in the WHOI policy – specifically defined as ethically unacceptable behavior that undermines the integrity of research or calls into question the validity of the research (falsification, plagiarism, or other practices that seriously deviate from those that are commonly accepted within the scientific community).

  • There are no Conflicts of Interest as defined by WHOI and government policy.

  • The proposal is clearly written – with a stated hypothesis and clear plan of investigation.

  • The proposal follows all agency/RFP guidelines, especially with regards to page limits, and all required information is included.

  • The budget represents an honest assessment of the costs required to perform the work.

Department Administrator

  • All data in the WHOIgrants Submission is accurate, complete, and consistent.

  • The budget is accurate.

  • The Budget Justification is accurate and complete.

  • The proposal has been prepared according to agency/RFP guidelines and all required information is included.

  • Any Cost Share from the Institution has received Prior Approval.

  • Any unusual expense to the Institution, such as new or renovated facilities, has received Prior Approval.

Department Chair

  • The science is of the highest quality and will advance WHOI’s reputation.

  • The proposal is well written, easy to read; the hypothesis and experimental plan are clearly articulated.

  • The Chair should provide mentoring and helpful positive criticism, especially to junior staff.

Grant & Contract Services

  • Ensure that the proposal does not commit WHOI to anything that we cannot complete – especially Cost Share, new facilities, major renovations, or Restricted research.

  • The budget and budget justification are accurate and consistent.

Director of Research

  • Commits the Institution to accomplish all the goals of the proposal for the amount stated in the budget.

Last updated: October 17, 2008

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