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MISO Documentation

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File NameDescriptionType Link
TowCam General Guidelines Guidelines covering all aspects of a traverse: planning a tow, pre-launch preparation, launching the TowCam, lowering  the TowCam, bottom approach, traversing the seafloor and log keeping,  hauling in and recovering the TowCam, post-tow inspection and wash, and  processing data.DOCFile
TowCam Safety Procedures Instructions for safe use of the TowCam including information on the TowCam to cable attachment. PDFFile
Operational Guidelines and Data Processing Operational guidelines and data processing information specific to the  TowCam, with instructions directly pertaining to TowCam use on the R/V Kilo Moana. PDFFile
Drakeol MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Drakeol 35.PDFFile
SeaBattery MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the TowCams' batteries.PDFFile
Battery Charger Manual Owner's manual for the SeaBattery three-stage battery charges. PDFFile
DigiSeaCam Cribsheet Technical specifications for the DigiSeaCam's optical, electrical, and mechanical systems. PDF


TowCam article in EOS Magazine "A New Deep-sea Towed Digital Camera and Multi-rock Coring System" - February 2003 PDFFile
TowCam Final Report Final Project Report to the       National Science Foundation for the WHOI Towed Digital Camera and Multi-Rock Coring System.PDFFile
High Temperature Loggers High-Temperature Self-Reporting Logger sor Hydrothermal Vent Monitoring ManualPDFFile

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