Public Event: Meet the Sub Alvin

A rare opportunity to see the famous deep-diving research submarine and meet the scientists and engineers behind it.



Sunday, October 17, 2010
Noon to 5:00 p.m.
Woods Hole Village

Schedule of Events

Alvin Past, Present, and Future
2:00 to 3:00 • Redfield Auditorium • 45 Water Street, Woods Hole
Hear from scientists and engineers about Alvin's history, what it's like to take a dive in Alvin, and the major changes the sub will undergo in the coming year. Speakers:

Barrie Walden

Stace Beaulieu

Susan Humphris

Alvin Open House
3:00 to 4:30 • WHOI Dock • 98 Water Street, Woods Hole
See the sub and talk to the people who help make it the hardest working deep-diving research sub in the U.S.

WHOI Ocean Science Exhibit Center
Noon to 5:00 • 15 School Street, Woods Hole
Learn more about Alvin, sit in a life-size mock up of the Alvin personnel sphere, watch high-definition video of life in the ocean's depths.

Panel Discussion Video
Alvin Event Video» View Video of the Panel Discussions

Additional Information

Alvin: Past, Present, and FutureAlvin: Past, Present, and Future
Read more about Alvin's accomplishments, what it's like to dive in Alvin, and what's in store for the nation's hardest-working deep-sea submersible.
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HOV AlvinHuman-Occupied Vehicle Alvin
Alvin is a 3-person research submarine that takes scientists deep into the ocean. Since its launch in 1964, the Alvin has taken more than 2,500 scientists, engineers and observers to visit the floor of the deep sea.
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Alvin PilotsAlvin's Pilots
A tight-knit group with the 'right stuff' to guide a submersible on the seafloor.
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Alvin FAQsAQs about Alvin
Find out how Alvin works and why it is used.
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Alvin InteractiveInteractive Alvin
The deep diving submersible Alvin helped to turn a sunless, freezing marine world into a new frontier. More than 4,000 dives to the seafloor have allowed scientists to discover undersea volcanoes, deep-sea minerals, and hundreds of previously unknown organisms. Learn more about the vehicle in this interactive feature. (Requires Adobe Flash Player)
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What's it like to dive in AlvinWhat Is It Like To Go Down In Alvin?
From Dive and Discover Hot Topics.
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Oceanographuic Tool: AlvinOceanographic Tools: Alvin
From Dive and Discover Deeper Discovery.
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