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Audio Postcards (all files are mp3 format)

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Day one - September 19, 2007
» Amy talks about the first day at sea

Day two - September 20, 2007
» Listen to a conversation with Jim Valdes, engineer, on setting up floats before launch
» A trip to the bridge
» Listen as Amy Bower talks to Captain Kent Sheasley about the view from Knorr's bridge
» Find out what's for dinner

Day three - September 21, 2007
» Kate reporting Newfoundland in site
» A Conversation with the first mate - Newfoundland in view
» Pilot Whales! Alert the Lab!
» Deck Sounds between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Day four - September 22, 2007
» Kate takes a tour of the engine room

Day five - September 23, 2007
» Deck Boss Will Ostrom tests an Acoustic Release

Day six - September 24, 2007
» Racing against the weather to deploy the mooring

Day Eight - September 26, 2007
» How to launch an XBT

Day Nine - September 27, 2007
» Will Ostrom and Larry Costello telling fish stories on the last day at sea
» Will Ostrom and Kate Fraser clean the main lab..."A clean ship is a happy ship."

Sounds from the Port of Nuuk
» Listen to Audio Postcard 1
» Listen to Audio Postcard 2
» Listen to Audio Postcard 3
» Listen to Audio Postcard 4
» Listen to Audio Postcard 5
» Listen to Audio Postcard 6

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