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November 27, 2007

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WHOI Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes

Attending: Beth Andrews, David Gaylord, Kerry Heywood, Annette Hynes, Di Jin, Mary Lardie, Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Peggy Rose, Amelie Scheltema, Fiamma Straneo, Shona Vitelli, Joan Watring, Sheri White.

Co-chair Shona Vitelli welcomed everyone to the meeting.  After a brief review of the open meeting in October and the announcement that Lisa Raymond from the MBL/WHOI Library is interested in meeting with us on January 22, much of the rest of the meeting dealt with organizational issues of the Diversity Committee.

Bernhard passed around a draft document for the election of new members and membership guidelines.  Our committee was appointed a year ago and has to transition into a standing committee with annual elections.  After discussion of some details (e.g., how do we replace members who leave during a term?, how do we maintain the Departmental balance and diversity?) the committee decided to keep the draft document open for comments by email for a few weeks and pass around a revised version before the next meeting before a membership document is finalized.

The second part of the meeting dealt with a brief review of the various working groups.  Annette mentioned that the “brochure” working group has a proposal for a document and is looking for financial support to have the Graphics Department polish the document.  She is also looking for an official WHOI Diversity Statement for the brochure.  Judy Fenwick and John Farrington, who are currently in charge of the diversity brochure for the Woods Hole DAC, would like us to take over the design and upkeep of this document for the local community in the future.

Bernhard and Fiamma reported on the “Statistics” working group.  The Diversity Status Report has been submitted to the Administration, but needs a brief introduction (disclaimer) before it can be put on the Committee website.  Thanks to HR, the group has data from a previous survey of WHOI employees, but this data has not yet been evaluated.

Sheri reported on the status of the Diversity Movie Night.  The last movie of the year, “Flirting” is scheduled for November 28 at 8 pm in the Redfield Auditorium.  The committee discussed options for a different organizational structure, possibly a different time (earlier) or different day, options to have discussions after the movie, as well as budget issues.  The issue of a financial budget has come up repeatedly in our deliberations, and it was noted that the International Committee as well as the Women’s Committee do have annual budgets.

Finally, Shona reminded us that there will be a Diversity Day in 2008, and that volunteers are needed for the organization of the event.

The Committee agreed to meet again on December 18 from 1:00-2:00 pm in … (Clark 271)

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