Gagosian Participates in World Economic Forum


Director Bob Gagosian traveled to Davos, Switzerland, in late January as one of some 200 Fellows invited to the World Economic Forum.

The annual forum attracts more than 2,000 distinguished world political, business, and academic leaders and is designed to give them new connections and information to address key global economic, political, environmental, and societal issues.

At a talk and video presentation about the frontiers of oceanography, Bob told his audience that understanding the oceans has become essential for sustaining life and the quality of life on Earth—at a time, fortuitously, when technological breakthroughs are giving oceanographers unprecedented abilities to comprehend the oceans.

Bob also participated in two expert panel discussions—on the economic and social consequences of global environmental change and on the search for extraterrestrial life. Bob said that astonishing, “extraterrestrial” life discovered in extreme ocean environments has expanded our understanding of the conditions and locales in which life can exist.