WHOI Waypoints: Director Bob Gagosian Participates in World Economic Forum


Director and President Bob Gagosian was invited to participate again this year in the World Economic Forum, moved for 2001 from Davos, Switzerland, to New York City to signal Forum members’ determination to “tackle head-on the extraordinary challenges faced by the world after the attacks of September 11.” Objectives of the meeting, held January 31 to February 4, included promoting greater international cooperation to reverse the global economic downturn, eradicate poverty, promote security, and enhance cultural understanding worldwide.

The annual gathering and a variety of activities intended to “improve the state of the world” are funded by 1,000 of the world’s foremost corporations. The Forum was incorporated in 1971.

Delegates this year included the heads of 30 governments as well as 75 ministers and cabinet members from various countries.

One of few representatives of academia attending, Gagosian served as a facilitator for three Forum workshops that considered the economic, environmental, and other consequences of global climate change.